Death Penalty for Terri and for Scott Peterson

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy St. Joseph’s Day, and Happy Palm Sunday.

While the whole pro-life, Christian nation is praying for Terri Schiavo, to be granted a stay of execution, former Democrat nominee for President John Kerry was putting out a emergency plea to save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Crisis, Kerry Style

Here is how Kerry began his emergency appeal: “We have 24 to 48 hours to try and save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The Republicans are trying to sneak legislation through the Senate approving oil drilling and they are incredibly close to winning. We have to stop them.”

Can you believe it? A young woman’s very life hangs in the balance, and while all good Christian can think of is nothing but how to try to use the short time we have to save Terri Schiavo against a slow, lingering death by starvation and dehydration, John Kerry’s big interest was keeping a pipe line from running through some tundra in Alaska.

I’ve seen the pipe line in Alaska. To some extent it breaks up the monotony of thousands and thousands of acres of trees and swamps, and is the big event in Fairbanks where you can drive under it, and, where necessary, the caribou herds can sail right under it too, so that it doesn’t disturb even their travels. And it’s delivering badly needed oil that someday we’ll be glad to have in the future as foreign oil prices soar.

Thank heavens Kerry’s plea was nipped in the bud by a vote of 51-49. And just to think how close we got to having Kerry for President!

Court Denies Schiavo Appeal

Unfortunately, the Second District Court of appeals in Lakeland Florida on Wednesday refused to block the removal of Terri’s feeding tube Friday, shifting the focus in the right to die case to the Legislature. The Chief Justice said the case has been given due process and that few cases have ever been afforded this heightened level of process.

We wonder why? How many cases are about giving the death penalty to a live, alert, young woman who isn’t dying and who has committed no crime deserving of death by starvation?

Florida legislators meanwhile are pressing ahead with bills to block removal of the feeding tube, and considering competing bills that they say would be difficult to reconcile in time for the l p.m. Friday deadline.

We still hold out hope for Terri, but don’t know where it will come from at this point. Even if they disconnect the tube, however, Terri had it removed once before and the battle continued for six days until it was again reconnected. Pray for a miracle.

Scott Peterson Sentenced to Death

Scott Peterson has finally been sentenced to death for killing Lacy and their baby son, Conor, at Christmas, 2002. Peterson will probably go to San Quentin State Prison to be housed on Death Row.

Pray for Our Country This Holy Week

As we enter Holy Week, 2005, it is important that we keep our minds focused on the Passion and death of Jesus Christ. To help us do this, Ann and I will be attending all the special Services of Holy Week, but we also plan to go to see the new version of The Passion of the Christ. That will add a whole new dimension to the realities of what this week means to us.

But please pray for our country, that it will return to God and his Commandments. So many people seem to be ignoring the purpose for their being on Planet Earth. It is to serve God with all you mind, and all your heart, and all your soul, and to spend eternity giving Him glory in Heaven. Whatever helps you to do that is good and holy. Have a wonderful Palm Sunday.

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