League Welcomes Corrina Gura to Full-Time Staff

Corrina Gura on the 2008 Face the Truth Tour

Corrina Gura at the July 11, 2008 Face the Truth site in Joliet—Photo by Eric Scheidler

In July the League staff was joined by Corrina Gura, daughter of stalwart activist Dan Gura and an experience activist in her own right. Corrina has participated in innumerable League protests over the year and also brings the experience of teaching debate and public speaking at her undergraduate alma mater, Augustana College. Corrina also attended Baylor University, earning a Master of Arts degree.

Corrina has been a tremendous asset, contributing to critical projects like the Face the Truth Tour, the ongoing protests in Aurora and the national sidewalk counseling database, which with her help was finally completed this fall. Corrina gave her first talk with the League—on the need for pro-life activism—at the Joliet Catholic Women’s Conference on October 19.

Welcome aboard, Corrina!

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