You Gotta Love the Things Four Year Olds Say

One of the best things about being a dad is watching your children learn about the world. The things they say, the things they try, the things they do — their natural curiosity is an amazing thing. I’ve mentioned before on this blog that my wife and I have three daughters, and that we’re expecting our fourth child later this spring. We love kids, and, if it’s God’s will, we’d love to have even more. This is four year old Teresa, our oldest: Teresa In preparation for tomorrow, recently my wife and I were talking with her about St. Patrick, and my wife told her about the legend that St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland. In response, Teresa asked, “How did he drive them? In a car?” I don’t even remember how we answered her, but it gave us both a big laugh. How’s that for a visual? Imagine St. Patrick… St. Patrick …barreling through a narrow road in the Irish countryside — on the left side of the road, of course — in a DeLorean, listening to the Chieftains on the car’s radio, fighting off a car full of snakes with one arm, shifting with the other, and still managing somehow to steer. You gotta love the things four year olds say.

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