Woo hoo!

A group of students at Colonial Forge High School in Stafford, VA wanted to start a pro-life club at their school. The school said no. So the students sued the school. The school backed down. These students are now allowed to have a pro-life club and enjoy the same rights as other groups at their school. I’m always disappointed when I hear about schools trying to prevent students from starting pro-life clubs, especially because they so clearly have no right to discriminate against pro-life students. On the other hand, I’m always thrilled to hear about students like the ones at Colonial Forge who stood up for their constitutional rights and refused to take no for an answer. If you’re in a public school and you want to start a pro-life club at your school, or if you know someone who is, we’d be glad to help you do that. And if the school tells you can’t start a pro-life club, say— respectfully—that you have a right to start one if you want to. And if the school still says no, then talk to us. We know some great pro-life lawyers who would love to help you out.

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