“We’re Here for Life” Rally October 27!

Fox Valley Families Against Planned Parenthood
Fall 2007 Special Event
Saturday October 27, 9-11:30 a.m.
New York Street and Oakhurst Drive, Aurora

Here for life

Now that the “Abortion Fortress” has opened on the east side of Aurora, Planned Parenthood and City officials expect us to give up and go away. But we're not going away.

On Saturday, October 27, we'll show Planned Parenthood and the City of Aurora that our peaceful campaign is full of life. We won't quit until the “Abortion Fortress” is closed for good.

We'll be there for the mothers. We'll be there for the babies. We'll be there for life.

"We're Here for Life" Rally Highlights


This rally will one to rival the other big events that have punctuated our campaign to protect our families from Planned Parenthood, such as the Jericho March and the massive August 25 Rally. Highlights include:

  • Continuous prayer walk around the block—bring your hymnal!
  • Huge "old-school" picket along New York Street—signs provided!
  • Pro-life display at New York and Eola—show the beauty of life!
  • Talks by great pro-life speakers—like Bryan Kemper of Stand True!
  • Special activities for teens and kids—bring the whole family!
  • Free "Choose Life" caps for the first 200 to show up—come early!
  • A Baby shower to benefit local pregnancy centers—bring a gift!

This is one pro-life event you do not want to miss!

Parking and Shuttle

Parking is available at Our Lady of Mercy Church, 801 S. Eola Road, Aurora (map) and at Calvary Church, 9S200 Route 59, Naperville (map). Free shuttle buses will run continuously 8:30 a.m. to Noon.

Help spread the word!

You can help spread the word about the "We're Here for Life" Rally October 27. Encourage your pastor to make an announcement from the pulpit and put all the details in your church bulletin.

Tell all your friends, neighbors and fellow churchgoers about the "We're Here for Life" Rally on October 27. Send out e-mails, make phone calls, print copies of the flyer [PDF] to pass out everywhere—help make this another historic event for Families Against Planned Parenthood!

Note: Graphic abortion signs will not be in use at this rally.

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