VitaT takes on EmilyX: Round One

EmilyXI am Vita T. Like many of you, I also have read the Planned Parenthood blog “written” by Emily X. We are not allowed to speak the truth on their website so I, Vita T, have decided to counter Emily X falsehoods—every one of them.

Emily X: some notes about my day, some photos, some video. I want you to know what it’s like to work for Planned Parenthood.

Vita T: Emily wants us to know what she claims it’s like to work for the largest abortuary. She has invited us to come to work with her. So we will show you what’s its like to go to work with us. First a few words of clarification: a word about their “pledge per pro-lifer”—we have the same pledge going on. But we don’t pledge dollars, we pledge our prayers, our lives and our discouragements, our disappointments. And, I know that ours goes a whole lot further. Prayer knows no boundaries and is not limited but multiplied by our love.

Emily X: 40-days for Life: September 26-November 4.

Vita T: This is the time period that Emily claims is for the 40-days for life. This is true, officially. The truth—we will continue as we always have—indefinitely. When Planned Parenthood and other abortuaries go away, so will we—in Aurora, Chicago, and all the 80+ cities nation and worldwide.

Emily X: But…we don’t let them faze us. As for me, the more picketers there are, the harder I want to work.

Vita T: Yep, Emily, you’ll have to work harder, because lets face it, people are hearing, and grasping the Truth and are tired of the lies. And we are prepared for that. We are working ten times harder as well. And we are heard.

Emily X: Plus — the protesters aren’t at many of our clinics (that would be pretty hard, since there are more than 800 clinics)

Vita T: Oh Emily, we are up for the challenge—I know you are not. You see we have Truth on our side. That trumps everything and can sustain everything.

Emily X: and…well, Planned Parenthood has been doing this for 90 years.

Vita T: And we—we’ve been at it for thousands of years—thousands.

Emily X: We’re pretty good at making women and their families feel welcome and well cared for no matter what.

Vita T: We are not pretty good making people do anything. In fact we don’t make anyone do anything. You see, we do no coercion. We just speak the Truth. The women and their families always know that they still have a choice—a choice to have better than what you provide—no matter what.

Emily X commenter: This is amazing. I am an adjunct university lecturer with no benefits and low pay — if it were not for the wonderful and sliding-scale/reasonably priced care I receive at my local Planned Parenthood, I would be in trouble.

Vita T: There is no reasonable price to place on a life–the mother or the baby.

Emily X commenter: Accurate sex education, access to birth control and the option of an abortion is in my experience essemtial to women’s equality in this and every other society I know. So much harm has been done to women (and their families!) out of ignorance and intolerance, when they were left in despair, when only bad alternatives were left available to them. The care I wish for every women is one that aims to understand her situation and supports her in whatever decision is right for her, one that treats her like someone whose life and life choices are worthy of respect. This is easy to understand for every woman who has ever faced such choices. In these our times, when the same forces that kept women suppressed and subordinate for centuries are at it again, it is important that we make our voices heard and do what needs to be done to keep our hard won freedom of choice over one of the most important decisions in a woman’s life.

Vita T: Planned Parenthood gives inaccurate sex education. I have seen the explosive cartoons their about condoms and birth control and pregnancy. I am in the medical field. I am also a mother. I did not come from a wonderful family environment. I was not educated by my parents about sex. Yet sex is an innate action. It does not need step-by-step direction introduced at age 10 or sooner. We are not ignorant. I am tolerant and appreciate that it is your choices that you are making and not mine. I have been faced with many of these choices and many pro-lifers have. We only present the other choices since Planned Parenthood does not. We present the healthy behavior that prevents pregnancy and diseases. Planned Parenthood thrives on unhealthy behavior to promote their business. I am not suppressed or subordinate. I am a true feminist. In doing so, I defend myself from predators who wish to disrespect me. I have more respect for my body than allow anyone to have sex with me for entertainment, passing relationships etc. Have respect for yourselves.

Emily X commenter: I wish I could make these protesters understand how misguided their protests are and how much they are being used by people with a much more sinister agenda. Women can SAFELY receive the services they need. a woman does not need to be victimized and put down because of her beliefs. while these protesters do more damage to the visitors to PP than they realize

Vita T: See the black wall for the safety issue. More dead woman are added everyday. You believe in your choice. So be it. Be open to see that you may have other choices than what is presented to you there. The damage is done by PP.

Emily X commenter: All of you at PP are a Godsend, especially in today’s times. Young women are getting the wrong information about sex in school and you are there to educate, help and protect them.

Vita T: The author of that wrong information about sex in schools? Planned Parenthood. You are thanking the very ones who promote the unsafer sex educations in your own schools! We are here to provide the Truth, to educate in that truth and protect them with the truth.

Emily X commenter: Many of those anti- choice fanatics can be dangerous and will actually threaten doctors with violence, as we have so horribly witnessed in Florida some years back. The physician speaking in this video, bless her heart, risks her life everyday to help provide poor women with the same choices more privileged women have. I hope she is stay safe and has a supportive, caring & protective husband and siblings.

Vita T: I am very sorry for any act of violence. I truly am. I have said so many times. How many times must we say it? Nothing has been done violently, as you said, since “some years back” In the last 3 months, we have been assaulted, we have been shot at, we have had violence done to us. Yet we remain peaceful. The poor woman are those who are taken advantageous of by the un-lifers. Only the other day, a mentally ill girl was given an abortion after the PP “nurses” talked her into it. And the underaged serviced led in by escorts who are older men. These are the poor woman and girls and all the others who will be assaulted by incest because they are left unreported by PP.

Emily X commenter: Many things factored into that decision. None of the people outside asked me why I knew this was the right thing for ME. All they were concerned with was their belief that it would be the wrong thing for them to do. I do not believe that any woman that comes to the decision to have an abortion takes that decision lightly. The people inside that Planned Parenthood that day understood that. They asked why. They listened and understood I was making a well thought out choice. Today I have two great kids. I tell them every day that I am the luckiest mama in the whole world. I hope my daughter is never faced with the situation I was in. But, I am raising both of my kids to be strong, educated, trust in their abilities to handle anything that may come their way and to stand up for what they believe in. I think thats what Planned Parenthood is all about too.

Vita T: If you would give us a chance. Come over. Speak to us. We will listen. Why are you in such a rush? You have made an appointment? So? PP will gladly take your money another day if you choose to reschedule. You are a wonderful mama but not of two great kids—but three. You have one gone—forever. We will help you heal. I do not hope, but pray fervently that your daughter will never be faced with needing to chose to kill her baby. That there are many loving people ready to listen to her fears and help her in every way with her needs for shelter, medical care, food, clothes, anything. That is what we are all about. Always. Next round: a day in the life of us in our job . . . Thank you for reading and thank you for your support! I am Vita T. I am pro-woman. I am pro-mother. I am pro-father. I am pro-child. I am pro-life.

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