Upcoming Pro-Life Events

There are a lot of pro-life activities going on these days, not just locally here in the Chicago area—where we’re located—but nationwide as well. Here are a few:

Youth for Truth Rally in Chicago

YFT President Mary Kate Guest sent me these details:

[We’ll] meet at the Planned Parenthood located at 1200 N. LaSalle Dr. (map) at 1:00pm. We will plan to pray at the Planned Parenthood till 1:45pm. At that time we will process along the sidewalks (we will head west along Division, and then South along Orleans St.) to St. Joseph’s, located at 1107 N. Orleans (map). We should arrive at the church by 2:00pm, where the band and speakers will take over.

If you go, I’d recommend you take public transportation. More information on the Youth for Truth Rally is here. Silent Day

Pro-Life Day of Silent Day Solidarity

I’ve already posted about Stand True’s Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity, but I want to put in another plug for it. The Silent Day isn’t until next Tuesday, but it’s already beginning to bear fruit. Earlier today, I spoke with Bryan Kemper, the director of Stand True, and he told me about a 17-year old girl who is pregnant and whose boyfriend had been pressuring her to have an abortion. She found out about the Silent Day through their MySpace page. The Silent Day campaign and hearing a song by the pro-life band Ilia, have inspired her to keep her baby! You can register to participate in the Silent Day here.

Students for Life of Illinois Conference

If you can’t make it to the We’re Here for Life Rally, you might want to go instead to the Students for Life of Illinois Conference at DePaul University, which will also be held on October 27. More information and online registration is available here.

Dawn Eden Speaks in Worcester, MA

Dawn Eden will be giving a presentation titled “Preventing Teen Pregnancy: The Catholic Approach” at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Worcester, MA at 7:00pm this Tuesday, October 23. Dawn has asked for prayers as she prepares for this talk.

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