“Thank You!”—God

Yesterday, our family had the honor to be able to participate in the Walk for Life in Western Springs for The Women’s Center. This center serves mothers who are in crisis pregnancies in the greater Chicago area. It’s Director related her story.

After a discouraging day of counseling, she went for a walk begging Jesus to show her how she could “make a better impact and difference in this battle for life”. She pleaded with St Therese “to intercede for her to show her the way to make a difference”. It seemed to her that “being a soldier” was a no-win situation with no victory in sight. How often have we felt that way. I am sure many of you who are veteran counselors have had more than your share of those days. She found a box waiting upon returning to her office. It was an early birthday present from her sister, Mary Therese. She pointed to her pants and told us that it was the present—they were green camouflage fatigues! From then on God provided everything and now The Women’s Center provides medical care and needs to hundreds of women in crisis pregnancies. I want to express our thanks to those who sponsored us that day—totaling $600! What a difference you have made in the lives of many woman! God Bless You! PS: We were very encouraged to find pro-life warriors there are actively praying for God’s cause here in Aurora. They have been inspired by our vigil as they plan to begin their 40 days of Prayer, Fasting and Service on Wednesday battling at the Clinic in downtown Chicago. Let us pray for God’ success in converting hearts and minds to life.

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