Silent Day a Big Success

Silent DayBryan Kemper of Stand True reports that students from over 4,600 schools in 19 countries participated in the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity on Tuesday. Many students who chose to give up their voice for a day faced quite a lot of opposition, Bryan said:

We have heard some of the most shocking stories about how some of the students were treated by other students, teachers and administrators. From being pushed down stairs, shoved into lockers, having tape ripped off their mouths, being called names and laughed at and even teachers and school staff screaming at kids and calling them stupid. In the face of all this persecution, the students stood strong and continued their vigil for the babies. Christians in American have it easy and don’t face a lot of the persecution that goes on in the world. These students saw some of that and remained resolute in their mission. They have been telling me how much stronger it made them, and how much more they knew they needed to continue to be a voice. Imagine something as simple as the word life written on your mouth can cause such hatred and anger. This shows us more now than ever that the pro-life message needs to be Christ centered. The only thing that can turn that anger and hatred around, is the hope we find in our loving savior, Jesus Christ.

To all who participated in the Silent Day: God bless you!


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