PUMPED for Life!

These guys are pumped! As John and I reached the corner of 6th Street NW and Pennsylvania Avenue before the March for Life, this crowd of guys from Cathedral Prep High School in Queens, NY shouted out, “Pro-Life?” We shouted back “Pro-Life!” and they cheered like they’d just scored the winning touchdown in the state championship. They were psyched to be there at the March for Life, and we were excited to see a group of pro-life guys on fire. So often it’s the girls who take the lead, so we encouraged these guys to put their zeal into action by starting a pro-life club at their school. I took their picture with John (click it for a bigger version) and told them to come to our site to see it and learn all they need to know to start up a club. If any of the guys in that photo drop by here, leave a comment and keep in touch!

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