PP Opening is Delayed!!!

Great news for all who support and value LIFE. Planned Parenthood’s scheduled opening this Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2007 is NOT HAPPENING! A federal judge has scheduled a full hearing for this Thursday, in which he will hear arguements from both the City of Aurora and PP.  The Beacon reports (in the article below):

“Planned Parenthood President and CEO Steve Trombley counted the judge’s ruling as a victory for Planned Parenthood saying that it is clear the judge took the issue seriously.”

HA!  Is this a victory for the so-called 13 scheduled patients?  Not in PP’s eyes.  But he is right that it is a “victory” for those 13 supposedly-scheduled patients. They do not have to endure the services of PP.  And if 10% of those services that PP offers are “abortion services”, the that’s at least one baby who has more time to live, and one mother who has an opportunity to choose the right thing and say “YES” to LIFE.  See these news Articles:

Keep on Praying.  And pray for those would-be patients of PP who will be missing their scheduled appointments.

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