Planned Parenthood’s Sneak Attack

The new Planned Parenthood abortion clinic under construction on June 28 in Aurora, IL [Photo by Eric Scheidler]

There’s an article in today’s Chicago Tribune — titled “Abortion clinic built under radar” — that confirms information we got several weeks ago that Planned Parenthood is planning to slyly move into a building currently under construction in Aurora, IL. The building is located next door to a Dominick’s grocery store and other businesses, and there are homes a block away. If it opens, this huge 22,000 square foot building will be one of Planned Parenthood’s largest abortion clinics in the country.

The Planned Parenthood location is close to homes and shopping [Photos by Eric Scheidler]

As Eric said in an article on the Pro-Life Action League site, “They tried to sneak into Aurora with this massive new facility, but we found them out. Now they’ll try to sneak into our schools and lure in our children. We won’t let them.” We’ve already begun making a series of plans — including leafleting the surrounding community, talking directly to the contractors, holding a community meeting with Jim Sedlak of STOPP Planned Parenthood, and protesting at the site on August 22. We’ll be posting more specific information about these plans soon. One paragraph from the Tribune article caught my attention:

“This is a conservative community — but teens are very sexually active,” said Wendy Fegenhols, who recently retired from the DuPage County Health Department and serves on the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health. “Anyone who is in contact with the school population recognizes the need.” [emphasis added]

Remember the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH)? They’re the organization that featured a performance by a stripper at their annual adults-only fundraiser last month. Their fundraiser last year was held at the Playboy headquarters. On the Illinois Campaign for Responsible Sex Education’s links page, one of their “recommended links” for teens is Go Ask Alice!, Columbia University’s “Health Q & A Internet Service”. (The ICRSE website explains that it is “a joint project of the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health and Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area”.) Just one click from the Go Ask Alice! home page takes you to a page that lists several questions. One of these questions is, “Menage a Trois?” Answering this question, Go Ask Alice! gives advice on how to arrange a threesome, and says that “there’s nothing wrong with giving it a try, as long as you’re all practicing safer sex…” (That’s just for starters. On the site, there’s much, much worse.)

Thousands of women will be lured through this entrance to have their unborn babies killed if this new abortion clinic opens [Photo by Eric Scheidler]

With these things in mind, look again at this comment from Fegenhols, the ICAH spokeswoman, regarding the new Planned Parenthood abortion clinic: “Anyone who is in contact with the school population recognizes the need.” It seems to me that anyone who cares about the well-being of kids would recognize that an organization that holds adults-only fundraisers featuring porn providers and strippers can’t possibly be serious when they say they provide “services” kids “need”.


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