Planned Parenthood Threatens Student with Lawsuit

**UPDATE, 5/16, 9:20am: Lila Rose is scheduled to appear on The O’Reilly Factor tonight correction: Thursday, May 17 at 7:00pm central time. **UPDATE, 5/31, 9:15am: Here’s Lila’s interview on The O’Reilly Factor: A few weeks ago I wrote about a series of videos secretly taped inside California abortion clinics that had begun to surface on YouTube. Now, Planned Parenthood Los Angeles is threatening to sue Lila Rose, the 18-year old UCLA sophomore who secretly recorded a conversation in which a Planned Parenthood employee recommended that she lie about her age to avoid being reported as a victim of statutory rape. (The video is here.) They’re also demanding Lila stop her undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood, take down the existing videos on YouTube, and turn over her original tapes and all copies to them. There’s more on this unbelievable story here. A copy of the letter Planned Parenthood sent to Lila is here [PDF]. The website of The Advocate — the publication of the UCLA pro-life student group Live Action — for which Lila serves as editor, is here. HT: Michelle Malkin

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