Planned Parenthood Deception in Yard Sign Battle

Eric and girls w. captured PP signHere I am with my six little girls and our “This family supports Planned Parenthood—NOT!” sign, captured from the enemy and corrected. As our “Planned Parenthood is BAD for Aurora” signs begin to appear all over town, we learn that these PP signs (minus the “NOT”) are being placed under dubious circumstances. Here’s a message I received from a pro-lifer yesterday:

Just because people may have PP yard signs displayed in their yards, does not necessarily mean that they support PP. My husband went over to our neighbors with the sign and calmly discussed the issue. Come to find out, PP called them asking them to allow a sign in their yard. They explained that they help women in distress with health issues, which our neighbors bought into. As my husband explained to them what they do, the neighbor tore up the sign!

That isn’t even the worst of it. A pro-Planned Parenthood sign was put up in the yard of an elderly woman suffering from Alzheimers near Annunciation Church in Aurora. And parishioners at St. Therese report that a woman has called around saying that “a lady from St. Therese gave me your number.” PP is BAD for Aurora

I suppose it’s possible that PP has recruited people in the parishes to make phone calls for them, but it’s pretty dishonest to try to legitimate support for PP with a the suggestions of a parish connection. The churches of Aurora are opposed to Planned Parenthood.

If you’d like to put a “Planned Parenthood is BAD for Aurora” sign in your yard—or one of the “Planned Parenthood is BAD for Fox Valley” or Spanish versions coming this week—send an e-mail with your name, address and telephone number, and our Sign Captains, Andrea and Elizabeth, will get in touch with the details.

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