More on the Youth for Truth Rally

I was happy to see that the Youth for Truth Rally on Saturday got a good write-up in the Aurora Beacon. From the time YFT formed just two weeks ago, I’ve been amazed at their enthusiasm and dedication to the pro-life cause. Now, with the huge success of Saturday’s rally, I’m even more impressed. I’ve posted below some pictures I took at the event: The 500 Youth for Truth T-shirts went like hotcakes, so a lot of teens didn’t get one. Still, many who attended already had their own pro-life shirts, like this member of Youth for Christ, whose shirt says, “Pro-God, Pro-Family, Pro-Poor, Pro-Life”: Youths of all ages attended the Youth for Truth Rally, including our daughters Teresa, 4, and Cecilia, 3: As we were getting the kids into the car after it was over Saturday afternoon, Cecilia summed up the rally as only a 3-year old can: “It was so fun.”

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