Hey, All of You Pro-Life Catholic School Kids: You’re not Really Pro-Life!

You just protest abortion because of selfish motives—you know, like, earning extra credit. At least, that’s what Veronica at the Aurora Planned Parenthood blog says. She has a post today that begins:

Perhaps the biggest winners of the opening of our clinic are Catholic school kids. Why? Because Catholic schools award extra credit for school kids to come on out and rally against choice.

She then quotes an e-mail sent by “a friend of the clinic” who says this:

I grin when I see the kids at the center, because I was in their place only a few years ago – and I know what really brought them out to protest on a Saturday morning.

This, in a nutshell, sums up Planned Parenthood’s disgustingly condescending attitude toward pro-life teens. I’d encourage you to post comments on the Aurora Planned Parenthood blog, but you’d probably be wasting your time, since all comments there are moderated, and yours probably wouldn’t be allowed. So instead, post your comments here.

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