Here’s why we’re going to win

The Dragon

Its all I can do when one of the Scheidlers shows up to NOT run them over.

—JeffW, comment on The Daily Kos

This comment on a post at the radical left-wing blog The Daily Kos about the September 25 City Council meeting illustrates why the pro-life movement will ultimately prevail. This reason is simple: We are not filled with hatred for our opposition. We are not afraid to talk to them. We are not content to merely assert the correctness of our position and sniff at anyone who questions us. Take a look at that post at The Daily Kos. The original author, “Got a Grip,” isn’t too bad, though he or she seethes with contempt for the pro-life crowd in the City Council Chamber. But the comments are a hot bath of vitriole. What’s notable is how much time and energy is devoted to slamming me and my father and the rest of the pro-life “rabble.” They really have no argument other than “pro-lifers are a bunch of knuckle-draggers.” They can’t defend Planned Parenthood’s deception of the people of Aurora except with a flimsy ends-justify-the-means argument premised on our violence and hostility—but anyone can see who’s really hostile. Much less can they defend abortion itself, which we all know—anyone who’s really thought about it at all—is the killing of an innocent unborn human being. It’s indefensible.

I’m pro-choice, Anti-Weisner, and pro nailing your backwards, red neck, religious right wing ass to a cross and then driving you out of town!

—Anonymous, comment on Openline Blog

So instead they attack us. That’s the one-note tune Planned Parenthood has been whistling from the moment they were found out. They had to trick the people of Aurora because of us dangerous pro-lifers. We’re “intimidating”; we’re “violent”; we’re “filled with hate.” Sure. Just read through those comments on the Daily Kos or at the new Planned Parenthood Aurora blog and see who’s really filled with hate. Everyone in town knows that our Vigil has been peaceful. We have cooperated with the police every step of the way, even when they were enforcing policies from above that abridged our First Amendment rights. Not one of us has committed a crime, while all manner of crimes have been directed against us—from indecent exposure to being struck with eggs to having our yard signs stolen by the score all over town. Yet Planned Parenthood’s supporters continue to pretend that the deceit was justified because of how scary we are. As Eric Zorn put it, “Planned Parenthood didn’t mislead and evade Aurora officials simply to avoid peaceful prayer vigils and protests against abortion.” But maybe “peaceful prayer vigils and protests” are exactly what Planned Parenthood should have feared from the first—because our peaceful prayer vigil, now in it’s 52nd day, punctuated by several protests, is bringing them down. In fact, I think that is exactly what Planned Parenthood feared from the beginning—the peaceful exercise by the people of Aurora of their basic freedoms: free speech, public discussion, a say in the destiny of our own community.

You all are communist a**holes its too bad that you all were not aborted . . . hope you all burn in hell.

—Comment on this blog

That’s why they did everything they could to avoid notifying the public of their intention to operate a not-for-profit medical facility in an area where such a facility would require a special use permit. That’s why people like JeffW, with his vehicular homicidal fantasies, aren’t interested in having a conversation with us. That’s why our comments are deleted off of their blogs. Their position is indefensible, and even they begin to realize it when they engage in dialog; so they hole up and talk about how awful we are. That’s why nobody from Planned Parenthood would come on Fox News Channel’s “Weekend Live” program with me this morning. They have nothing to gain from open conversation, from answering questions; they’ve pitted everything on hiding the truth. It’s no wonder. They kill the unborn child in the secret darkness of the womb. Because that brutal killing is hidden, they get away with it. Small wonder they turned to a scheme of deception to erect the Abortion Fortress of Aurora. We are going to win in the end because we are not afraid of the Truth. We are not afraid of dialog and discussion. We are not afraid of any case they can make, because we know our case is better.

I hope someone has the b***s to blow you all up.

—Email from LCJ

Our case is better not only because we’re right, but because we’ve had to work at it. The 1973 Roe v. Wade coup forced the pro-life movement in to a position of tremendous weakness, from which we have fought back with tireless energy and creativity over the past 34 years. We’re winning in Aurora today because over the past 34 years we’ve learned to engage the culture and make our case. The pro-abortion side had their case made for them in 1973, and they’ve been avoiding talking about abortion ever since. But they’ve had to go to such lengths to hide the truth about abortion that now we’re beating them in Aurora not over when human life begins, but over when such-and-such permit is required by the Aurora Zoning Ordinance. Their web of deception has been spun that wide. We can’t overturn Roe v. Wade here in Aurora, but we sure can show what the Zoning Ordinance actually says. And the Abortion Fortress of Aurora—that “monument to deception”—will be demolished by the Truth.

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