Hate Mail

I’ve written before about the hate mail we get on a regular basis here at Pro-Life Action League/Generations for Life/Families Against Planned Parenthood. As you might guess, with all the attention these past several weeks surrounding the fight against the Abortion Fortress of Aurora, we’ve been seeing far more hate mail than usual. Here are some of the messages we’ve received in recent days:

Perhaps if the members of your organization spent more time working out at fitness centers instead of getting together worrying about other people’s private sexual lives, your members wouldn’t look like a bunch of big fat Catholic cows.


You pathetic Jesus freaks are NOT wanted in Aurora. Your childish Jesus BS is just that. What should of happened years ago is your mama aborted you.


I hope your own 12 year old daughter gets raped and pregnant so that then you can deal with this situation from a reality perspective.

Now, the temptation we feel is to respond to hatred with hatred of our own. And it’s hard to imagine anything more vile than telling someone you hope their 12-year old daughter gets raped. But, as I recently said in a comment on another post on this blog, we as pro-lifers must resist this temptation. We can’t stoop to the level of hating anyone. Period. Bryan Kemper of Stand True illustrated this point brilliantly in a recent commentary titled “Loving compassionate pro-life vs. Angry anti-abortion”. It begins:

The title of this commentary should seem like a no-brainer for Christians. It is so clear from scripture that we must love our enemies and have compassion on others. While we must take a stand against evil and share the truth, it has to be done in love.

Read the whole thing.

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