Fox Valley Clergy for Life—August 2007 Statement

The following statement is to be published in the Aurora Beacon and Naperville Sun on Sunday, September 16. Over 120 clergymen from the region that would be impacted by Planned Parenthood have signed on. A PDF of the full-page newspaper ads is available here. In addition, letters have been issued by Joliet Bishop Peter Sartain [PDF] and Rockford Bishop Thomas Doran [PDF] in response to Planned Parenthood’s presence, calling for a day of prayer and fasting in the diocese on September 7 and September 14, respectively.

ChurchIn this time of controversy over the meaning and purpose of God’s most fundamental gift—the gift of human life—we, the clergy of Aurora and neighboring communities, seek to bring clarity and speak the truth in love. Our faith in Jesus Christ leads us to proclaim that God the Father is the Author of life, and that every human life is created with purpose and dignity (Genesis 1:26-27). From the moment of conception, each of us is seen and loved by our Father (Psalms 139:13,16). Because of His love for His people, God declares in the Ten Commandments, “You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13), and He calls upon the Church to defend the defenseless, to speak for the speechless, to give hope to the hopeless, and to stand for those who cannot stand for themselves. We consider it our duty to speak out against the presence of Planned Parenthood in our community. As pastors, we believe Planned Parenthood to be destructive of life and family, values which are at the very core of our faith. Jesus Christ came that all may have life in abundance (John 10:10). This abundant life includes God’s plan for happy and healthy families, as well as rich and fulfilling marriages. At the heart of that plan is our sexuality, a gift to be nurtured and honored. Planned Parenthood promotes the abuse of God’s gift of sexuality. Planned Parenthood’s methods of addressing women’s health issues do not bring healing: they bring hurt and destruction. In Jesus there is hope and healing. In Jesus there is forgiveness. In Jesus there is a future. We stand for faith. We stand for families. We stand for life.


  • Bishop George Adamson—Evangelical Free Bible Convention
  • Pastor Obed Arellano—CTC Ministries
  • Pastor Tim Baltz—First Baptist Church
  • Rev. Vincent P. Bataille, O.S.B.—Marmion Abbey
  • Pastor Jim Behrens—MorningStar Community Church
  • Rev. Huntley Brown—International Concert Pianist, Huntley Brown Ministries
  • Rev. Louis Busemeyer, S.J.—St. Rita of Cascia Catholic Church
  • Rev. J. Robert Camacho—Sacred Heart Catholic Church
  • Pastor Mike Cochrane—Warehouse Church
  • Rev. Oscar Cortés—St. Nicholas Catholic Church
  • Pastor Robby Dawkins—Fox Valley Vineyard Church
  • Rev. David R. Engbarth—Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church
  • Rev. Lourdu Marianna Ery—Holy Angels Catholic Church
  • Rev. F. William Etheredge —Principal, Aurora Central Catholic High School and Superintendent, Aurora Area Catholic Schools
  • Rev. John Fritz—Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • Rev. Hugh Fullmer—Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church
  • Rev. George Glover, O.S.B.—St. Peter Catholic Church
  • Pastor Dan Haas—Aurora Community Church
  • Rev. Martin Heinz—Holy Angels Catholic Church
  • Pastor Rich Howard— Village Baptist Church
  • Pastor Michael Hurst—New Horizon Christian Fellowship
  • V. Rev. Joseph Jablonski, M.S.C.—Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
  • Rev. Philip Kremer, O.S.B.—Marmion Abbey
  • Pastor Angel Lamers—River of Life Church
  • Pastor Gerry LaShure—Living Stone Christian Church
  • Rev. Ken Latimore—Aurora Advent Christian Church
  • Rev. Jerome L. Leake—St. Joseph Catholic Church
  • Pastor George Martinez—New Heart Worship Center
  • Pastor Jeremiah Martinez—New Heart Worship Center
  • Pastor Pat McManus—House of Praise Family Church
  • Rev. Michael I. Miller, M.S.C.—St. Therese of Jesus Catholic Church
  • Pastor David Miller—Warehouse Church
  • Pastor Gary Moody—Warehouse Church
  • Rev. Jeffrey B. Moore—First Presbyterian Church
  • Andy Morgan—River Valley Community Church
  • Rev. Dr. Charles S. Mueller, Sr.—St. Paul Lutheran Church
  • Rev. Matt Mull—Aurora Advent Christian Church
  • Rev. Dawn M. Neal—West Aurora Church of God
  • Pastor Thomas A. Neal, Jr.—West Aurora Church of God
  • Minister Mickie O’Donnell—Westminster Presbyterian Church
  • Rev. David G. Palmatier, O.S.B.—Marmion Abbey
  • V. Rev. Aurel Pater—St. Michael Byzantine Catholic Church
  • Rev. Mario Pedi, O.S.B.—Annunciation B.V.M. Catholic Church
  • Pastor Miguel A. Perez —Family & Faith Christian Church
  • Rev. Frederick Peterson, O.S.B.—St. George Byzantine Catholic Church
  • Rev. Timothy R. Piasecki—St. Mary Catholic Church
  • Pastor Roger Pugh—Living Stone Christian Church
  • Pastor Mike Ragan—First Christian Church
  • Rev. Steve Rhodes—First Presbyterian Church
  • Rev. Joel Rippinger, O.S.B.—Marmion Abbey
  • Rev. Nathanael Roberts, O.S.B.—Marmion Abbey
  • Pastor Randy Schoof—Warehouse Church
  • Pastor Bill Schroeder—New Life Baptist Church
  • Pastor Steve Schroeder—New Life Baptist Church
  • Rev. Andrew Skrobutt—Holy Angels Catholic Church
  • Pastor Dean Sloniger—First Christian Church
  • Pastor Mark Smith—Family & Faith Christian Church
  • Dr. Charles Stone—Ginger Creek Community Church
  • Rev. Kenneth Theisen, O.S.B.—Marmion Abbey
  • Pastor Michael Thomason—River of Life Church
  • Pastor Nancy Thomason—River of Life Church
  • Rev. Andrew Wahmhoff, O.S.B.—Marmion Abbey
  • Pastor William Warner—Orchard Valley Baptist Church
  • Msgr. Robert J. Willhite—St. Rita of Cascia Catholic Church
  • Rev. Basil Yender, O.S.B.—Marmion Abbey
  • Pastor David Zinn—Ginger Creek Community Church
  • Pastor John Zizz—First Christian Church


  • Rev. Timothy J. Barr—Holy Cross Catholic Church
  • Rev. Daniel J. Deutsch—Holy Cross Catholic Church
  • Pastor Keith Hallam—Sanctuary
  • Rev. Noel Jacob—Holy Cross Catholic Church

Big Rock

  • Dr. Eugene A. Frost—Big Rock Baptist Church


  • Rev. Msgr. Joseph F. Jarmoluk—St. Peter Catholic Church
  • Rev. Bruce Ludeke—St. Peter Catholic Church


  • Pastor Jeffrey J. Barrett—Genesis Community Church
  • Pastor Scott Guhl—St. Olaf Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • Rev. Peter Hoffman—St. Luke’s Lutheran Church
  • Pastor Rob Tevis—Neighborhood Church of the Brethren


  • Rev. John Bell—Grace Pointe Church
  • Rev. Richard Bennett—Holy Spirit Catholic Community
  • Rev. Doug Bui—Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church
  • Pastor Mark Burgund—Calvary Church
  • Rev. Mark Cote—St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church
  • Rev. Joel Fortier—St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church
  • Rev. Kenneth Hall—Bridegroom Ministries
  • Rev. Paul Hottinger—St.Margaret Mary Catholic Church
  • Rev. Ryan Larson—Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church
  • Rev. Donald R. Limmer—Naperville Congregational Church
  • Rev. Gordon Mahoney—Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church
  • Rev. Thomas Milota—Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church
  • Rev. Daniel Painter—Grace Pointe Church
  • Rev. Thomas Paul—St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church
  • Pastor Randal Ross—Calvary Church
  • Pastor Derrill Sharp—Calvary Church
  • Pastor Martin Shultz—Cornerstone Church of Naperville
  • Pastor Brian VanDerway—Cornerstone Church of Naperville

North Aurora

  • Rev. John A. Slampak—Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church


  • Pastor Mike Blythe—Valley Baptist Church
  • Pastor George Curry—Harvest Baptist Church
  • Pastor Matt Drietz—Harvest Baptist Church
  • Frank Johnson—River’s Edge Fellowship
  • Pastor Rollie Lindstrom—Harvest Baptist Church
  • Pastor Scott Poling—Harvest Baptist Church
  • Rev. Dr. Paul A. Salansky—Presbyterian pastor, retired
  • Rev. Daniel F. Stempora—St. Anne Catholic Church


  • Rev. Daniel Harder—Grace Pointe Church
  • Rev. Daniel Hoehn—St. Mary Immaculate Catholic Church
  • Rev. David Medow—St. Mary Immaculate Catholic Church
  • Rev. Dennis Spies—St. Mary Immaculate Catholic Church


  • Pastor Stan Motley—Plano Christian Church
  • Rev. Boniface Vaisnoras, M.I.C.—St. Mary Catholic Church
  • Rev. Jerome Zalonis, M.I.C.—St. Mary Catholic Church

St. Charles

  • Rev. Randy J. Fronek—St. Patrick Catholic Church
  • Rev. Msgr. Joseph B. Linster—St. Patrick Catholic Church
  • Rev. Daniel Malone—St. John Neumann Catholic Church
  • Dr. James Nicodem—Christ Community Church
  • Rev. Cesar Pajarillo Jr.—St. John Neumann Catholic Church
  • Pastor Dan Rak—Trinity Vineyard Christian Fellowship
  • Rev. Richard A. Rosinski—St. John Neumann Catholic Church
  • Rev. Akan S. Simon—St. Patrick Catholic Church


  • Rev. Ariel A. Valencia—St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

Sugar Grove

  • Pastor Mario Arindaeng—Village Bible Church
  • Pastor Tim Badal—Village Bible Church
  • Pastor Scott Capp—Village Bible Church
  • Pastor Keith Duff—Village Bible Church


  • Pastor Denny Carr—Light Community Church
  • Pastor Brian Truog—Cross Lutheran Church
  • V. Rev. Daniel Cambra, M.I.C.—St. Patrick Catholic Church
  • Rev. Matthew Lamoureux, M.I.C.—St. Patrick Catholic Church
  • Rev. Diego Maximino, M.I.C.—St. Patrick Catholic Church
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