First Monthly Protest at Aurora Planned Parenthood Draws Hundreds

Note: This entry originally appeared on the Families Against Planned Parenthood blog on 11/17/07.


Today's monthly protest at Planned Parenthood was a tremendous success, with over 200 pro-lifers coming out to be witnesses for life, despite the chilly air and drizzle.

From 9-11 a.m., the group picketed on the north side of New York Street, held large signs of babies born and unborn on the north side of New York and large "Jesus" signs along the west side of Oakhurst, and prayed near Planned Parenthood. Many also signed the parental notification petition and picked up Yard Signs to take home.

Illinois Senator Chris Lauzen, who has strongly supported of our effort from the start, was on site early on. He expressed his dismay at Chief Powell's remarks, and he made a point of talking to some of the police officers monitoring the protest. It was great to see Chris, and Jim Oberweis too, who stopped by a bit later on.

No major problems with police

OakhurstDespite the heated rhetoric from Aurora Police Chief William Powell this week, we encountered no serious problems with police. Several officers thanked us for being orderly and cooperative.

However, police did order a pro-life man who was walking his baby up and down the east side of Oakhurst to move to the west side, even though he was not part of the protest. Police ignored him for a half an hour, but when he took out a prayer booklet, they stopped him. One officer even asked him what he was praying about!

Protest shows depth of pro-life support

EricI was excited to see such a large crowd for this first monthly protest. That more than 200 came out today in the chilly weather shows how deep the commitment is here in the Fox Valley to fight Planned Parenthood to the end.

Future protests will be every third Saturday of the month, with the next on December 15.

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