Facing the Truth

Malachi sign held by longtime pro-life activist Mike Busse at Face the Truth Day on April 4

We spent yesterday morning in downtown Chicago, where we held our first Face the Truth day this year. As with most Face the Truth days, I’d say we received roughly an equal number of positive and negative comments from passersby. Our display of graphic abortion signs made at least one person very unhappy — a blogger who goes by the name Her Royal Kainess. She writes:

Apparently the crazies are out in full-swing today. Coming in from Union Station and walking to my job, I spotted a row of anti-abortion activists wielding their favorite favorite weapon – giant posters of bloody, dismembered fetuses. Good morning to you, too!

What does Her Royal Kainess think of us “Crazies”? She ends by saying this:

Crazies just plain, old make me angry. I don’t want to converse with them, I would rather just circle distantly around them like you do aggressive, screeching monkeys at th zoo, and fantasize about burying a machete in their head. F***ERS.

How nice. In her post, she also said – referring to abortion – “But the way I look at it, no one is going to change anyone’s views.” Huh? Does she really expect us to believe that seeing pictures of what abortion really does to a baby isn’t going to change anyone’s mind? I can’t tell you how many times during a Face the Truth day we’ve heard from people comments along the lines of, “I never knew what abortion was until I saw these pictures…” One such reaction that sticks out in my mind was from a guy no more than 16 years old, who saw our display a few years ago with a group of friends:

Him: “Man, that’s what an abortion looks like?!” Me: Yeah, it is. Him: (With genuine astonishment) “Damn!”

HT: JivinJehoshaphat

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