Face the Truth 2007 Schedule Now Online

FTT Tour The schedule for the Pro-Life Action League’s summer Face the Truth Tour is now available online, including maps of each site and directions between sites. Join us if you can July 7-14! Last week, while we were doing a Face the Truth Day in Evanston, IL, someone came up to us and yelled, “Why don’t you show pictures of children who don’t have adequate housing?” Um, these children don’t have adequate housing. After several years of experience showing graphic abortion pictures out on the streets, we’ve gotten used to hearing complaints. A while ago, we posted a FAQ-type page on the PLAL site’s Face the Truth section that answers the most common objections we hear:

  • What if children see these graphic abortion pictures?
  • What effect do these pictures have on a woman who has had an abortion?
  • Doesn’t the public display of graphic abortion pictures make the pro-life movement look extreme?
  • Doesn’t it dishonor the unborn babies in these pictures to show them out on the street?

Our answers are here.

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