Dowling High School Keepin’ Busy

John Bishop, the president of the pro-life club at Dowling Catholic High School in West Des Moines, IA – the group that led the March for Life two years ago – wrote me a while back about some of the things their club accomplished last semester. Here’s what they’ve been up to, in his own words:

Everything is going pretty well with the club here at Dowling Catholic. During this past semester we put up a cemetery of innocence, erected 10 billboards around the Des Moines area, put 4 signs on the MTA system, had a couple volunteer days at crisis pregnancy centers, protested at the local planned parenthood, sent a mailing to the Iowa Legislature, and we just finished a pro-life t-shirt design for the club. We will be sending 18 kids on the March for Life and that’s about all we’ve done this semester. Attendance is steadily increasing and I’m excited for next semester.

That’s all, he says! I think that’s incredible. But he’s looking for some more ideas. He has the GFL Curriculum which has been very helpful and they have done quite a bit of the activities from that. But I thought if there are any new ideas out there, maybe you could share them with him. Here are a few that I suggested that have come up since the printing of the Curriculum and that will be added in the next edition:

Feel free to add some more ideas – something your club has done or something you think would go over well.

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