Don’t Trust Planned Parenthood

In my last post, I wrote about Planned Parenthood’s condescending attitude toward pro-life teenagers. Last week, I wrote about Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area’s connection with the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH), a group that has featured pornographers and strippers at their annual fundraiser the past two years. In that post, I mentioned that PP/CA and ICAH have formed a a coalition whose goal is to strip all funding of abstinence education for Illinois schools and require them to use so-called comprehensive sex education programs instead. Yet Planned Parenthood calls itself a “trusted health care provider”, and says it “has always made the health and safety of teens one of its top priorities” by, for example, providing contraception to teens and sponsoring and promoting “comprehensive” sex education programs. Trusted health care provider, health and safety of teens, top priorities… So they say. On Wednesday, October 17th, I’ll be giving a talk on the physical, emotional, and spiritual dangers of “comprehensive” sex education programs. The title of my talk is, simply: Don’t Trust Planned Parenthood. It will be held at St. Peter’s Church in Geneva, IL, 1891 Kaneville Road (see map here) at 7:00pm. My talk is open to high school age students. At the same time, and at the same church, Patricia Bainbridge, the Respect Life Office Director for the Rockford Diocese, will be giving a talk on Planned Parenthood to adults. A flyer with more information on the talks is available here [PDF]. Come if you can!

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