Scheidlers Bring League Know-How to Denver, Rally Troops

Eric and Joe in Denver

Joe Scheidler rallies Denver pro-lifers as Eric (left) holds up the bullhorn [Photo by Ann Scheidler]

In early December, an embassy from the Pro-Life Action League traveled to Denver, Colorado to share ideas and offer guidance to the local pro-life group, Colorado Families Against Planned Parenthood. They are fighting a new Planned Parenthood mega-center like the one the League has been battling in Aurora, Illinois.

The League group included Joe, Ann and Eric Scheidler, attorney Tom Brejcha and sidewalk counselor JT Eschbach. On December 1 the group met with Keith and Jennifer Mason, Will Duffy and other Denver activists to discuss the Denver situation. That afternoon, Joe and Eric appeared on the Bob Enyart Live radio show.

Planned Parenthood Deception Repeated

Shortly after pro-lifers in Illinois discovered that a structure on Aurora’s east side built as “Gemini Medical Office” was actually to be a Planned Parenthood abortuary, a similar story broke in Colorado. Planned Parenthood had used a front company to purchase a building from United Airlines, attempting to avoid public scrutiny.

PP building in Denver

Planned Parenthood wants to convert this building in Denver into the largest abortuary in the country [Photo by EJS]

Many contractors working to renovate an old United Airlines call center had believed they were working for United, not Planned Parentood. Denver pro-lifers, led by Will Duffy, convinced several contractors to quit working on the project, by way of phone calls, e-mails and home protests.

However, Weitz Construction Company, the general contractor on the project, has remained committed to building what will become the nation’s largest abortion facility.

Joe and Eric Lead Protest at Planned Parenthood Site

On December 2, the League group visited Planned Parenthood’s open facility in Denver to meet the pro-lifers praying and counseling there, before heading to the abortuary construction site. The site is in a predominately black neighborhood—typical for Planned Parenthood.

There, Joe and Eric Scheidler fired up a group of 300 Denver pro-lifers with some brief talks. Then they led a rousing march around the block singing hymns and chanting “Life yes! Abortion no! Planned Parenthood’s going to go!”

Eric Scheidler with Denver leaders Keith Mason (left) and Will Duffy (right) [Photo by JT Eschbach]

Tom Brejcha spoke to the group too, calling them the true patriots of our day for defending the innocent and keeping our American freedoms alive. As lead counsel for the TMS Pro-Life Law Center, Brejcha has provided invaluable assistance to the Aurora effort.

Planned Parenthood Fails to Disrupt Pro-Life

After the outdoor protest, pro-lifers gathered for a rally at the nearby Radisson Hotel. The hotel had demanded the pro-life group hire security guards, after being “warned” by Planned Parenthood that “pro-life terrorists” were coming from Chicago, and threatened to protest. In an article before the Scheidler visit, Colorado Confidential columnist Jim Spencer declared Joe Scheidler is “a half-step removed from convicted clinic bomber Eric Rudolph.”

In his talk at the Rally, Joe lamented Spencer’s error but said such lies are a sign of how desperate the pro-abortion forces are. He reminded the gathered crowd how lucky they are to have been picked out by God to defend the sanctity of life. Tom Brejcha outlined the breadth of their First Amendment Rights.

Picket at Weitz CEO Harnaday's home

Picket at Weitz Construction CEO Bill Harnaday’s home in Greenwood Village, CO [Photo by JT Eschbach]

Eric Scheidler shared some stories from Aurora and called upon all present to become more activie in the Denver battle. Will Duffy, who is heading up the Denver effort, shared his passion for defending the unborn and Keith Mason emceed the peaceful event. No pro-abortion protesters were seen.

Before leaving town, the League group joined a protest at the home of Weitz Construction CEO Bill Harnaday.

Scheidler’s Share “Aurora Method” with Denver Pro-Lifers

During their visit, the Scheidlers presented Duffy with a comprehensive “Planned Parenthood Battle Packet,” outlining the strategies the League employed in Aurora. Topics included conducting rallies and protests, writing effective e-mails, working with the press, handling legal issues and more.

The League is eager to continue working with Duffy and Mason in their battle against Planned Parenthood. Plans are moving forward for Eric Scheidler to make and extened trip to Denver this Spring.

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