BREAKING NEWS: Aurora Planned Parenthood Will NOT Open Tomorrow!

From the Aurora Beacon:

Planned Parenhood’s Aurora center will not open on Tuesday as legal wrangling continues. A federal judge Monday set another hearing for Thursday to address issues by both sides in an ongoing lawsuit.

The best line from the story about the non-opening of Planned Parenthood’s ginormous Abortion Fortress tomorrow is this:

Planned Parenthood President and CEO Steve Trombley counted the judge’s ruling as a victory for Planned Parenthood saying that it is clear the judge took the issue seriously.

Um, if you sue the city to force you to open on a particular day, and if the judge in the case does not rule that the city must allow you to open on that particular day, how can that possibly be considered a victory? ***UPDATE: 1:35PM…Eric was at this morning’s hearing and sends along this additional information:

Planned Parenthood was asking Federal District Judge Charles Norgle to issue an injunction that would have required the City to let them open for business WITHOUT concluding the investigation into PP’s dealings with the City. Judge Charles Norgle listened to arguments from PP and the City for an hour, and decided a full hearing was required. The hearing has been set for Thursday at 10 a.m. That means that Planned Parenthood will not open until Friday at the earliest. One important point to keep in mind: The question here is not whether PP can ever open. The question is whether their opening can be DELAYED while an investigation is concluded into the allegations raised into whether PP defrauded the City. That question may be settled Thursday after a full hearing.

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