BREAKING NEWS: Aurora Planned Parenthood Opening Delayed Again!

Planned Parenthood Aurora U. S. District Court Judge Charles Norgle has just ruled against Planned Parenthood’s demand to let them open the largest abortion clinic in the country before the City of Aurora’s investigation into Planned Parenthood’s dealings with the city is completed. So for now, the Abortion Fortress of Aurora remains CLOSED. Huzzah! ***UPDATE, 1:40PM: The Aurora Beacon article on the judge’s ruling is here, which ridiculously refers to the Abortion Fortress of Aurora as a “full-service health center”. As Christina from Real Choice pointed out in a comment on the blog After Abortion last week:

They won’t prescribe a refill for your inhaler. They won’t give you a tetanus shot if you step on a nail. They won’t adjust your depression medication. They won’t treat your flu or your diarrhea or your hives or your sprained wrist. They are not a full-service health center, any more than Jiffy Lube is a full-service mechanic.

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