An Amazing Experience at the Vigil!

This witness from the Prayer Vigil is by Prayer Warrior Laura K.

jesus_and_woman.jpgEric—My time slot was 3:00 and 4:00 today, but I ended up staying until midnight! I just couldn’t leave. The time I spent at the vigil was absolutely amazing! It was dark, and a minivan pulled over along Oakhurst Dr. stopped, and turned off the lights. A young woman stepped out of the van, made her way along the fence on the street, then stood in front of us on the grass, and said, “I need to tell all of you something. . . ” (We thought we were going to hear the riot act read to us!) We were all quiet, focused on her, and then she said, “When I was 18 I had an abortion. I was converted and came to know Jesus, and he has blessed me now with a beautiful baby girl. She is now 1 year old. I just wanted to stop by and thank all of you so much for being here. Thank you. But I’m having difficulties getting over my abortion.” She broke down into tears, and we all came around her, told her that Jesus forgave her, we hugged her, told her we love her, cried with her, and prayed with her. She stayed for a few minutes after, then said that she may stop by soon and bring her daughter with so we could meet her. We told her that would be great…stop by anytime! This was the most moving experience I have had! After the “eggscapade” yesterday, some people’s spiritual tanks were on “e”. This definitely filled everyone up and we remember why we need to be there! Shortly thereafter, one gentleman that was praying was about to leave. He said thank you to everyone that came out to pray, especially the people in Aurora. We asked him where he lives. He said “New Jersey”. He said he was out in Chicago on a business trip, and just had to stop by the vigil that he was hearing so much about. He said that if he were ever in the Chicago area again, he would stop by again! He told us to keep up the good work & thanked us again! Wow! I’m so glad that this message is spreading like wildfire across the nation! When two or more are gathered together in prayer, Jesus is there with them! I could feel the Holy Spirit around us tonight…I guess that’s why I didn’t want to leave! God Bless You, Eric! —Laura K.

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