What Has 35 Years of Abortion Done to America?

With University of Florida Heisman Trophy Winner Tim Tebow comes a story of great interest to Pro-Lifers, and that is that Tebow was supposed to have been aborted, if his mother’s doctor had had his way.

A Life That Almost Wasn’t

Tebow’s mother, Pam, had a rare amoebic infection early in the pregnancy and the doctor said “Abort.” She refused, and her husband backed up her decision. Seven months after this threat to Tim’s life, he was born.

And twenty years later both parents stood proudly as their 6′ 3″, 235 pound beloved sports hero-son received the nation’s top award, the Heisman Trophy.

What Has 35 Years of Abortion Done to America?

But this story also touched the heart of one of the country’s top pro-life statisticians, Dr. Brian Clowes, from Human Life International who couldn’t help but decipher the mystery of what 35 years of abortion has done to America. So he went to work and came up with some frightening figures. First off, our nearly fifty million abortions have killed to date:

  • 2 US Presidents
  • 7 Supreme Court Justices
  • 102 Senators
  • 589 Congressmen
  • 8,123 federal, district and local judges
  • 31 Nobel Prize laureates
  • 328 Olympic medalists, including 123 Gold medalists
  • 6,092 professional athletes
  • 134,841 doctors
  • 392,500 nurses
  • 70,669 religious
  • 6,852 priests
  • 11,010 nuns
  • 1,102,443 teachers
  • 553,821 truck drivers
  • 224,518 housekeepers
  • 336,939 janitors
  • 134,028 farmers
  • 109,984 law officers
  • 39,477 firemen
  • 17,221 barbers

And since half of all abortions rip apart little girls, we have killed 24,450,000 women. So much for women’s lib.

Thanks Brian — only you could have figured that out.

And these are only recorded surgical abortions, and they come from the abortionists who under-report their abortions. And what about all the chemical abortions with pills? For more information, check out Human Life International’s website.

Abortions Up in Illinois

A press release from Bill Beckman of the Illinois Right to Life Committee reports that while abortions are down all over the country, they are up by a wide margin here in Illinois — 3,000 more in 2006 than in 2005.

One reason seems to be that Illinois, with almost no restrictions on abortion at all, has become the dumping ground for neighboring states.

But abortions on locals is way up, too. Yet even though we pass restrictive laws, our hopeless courts with judges like David Coar and pro-abortion government leaders like Lisa Madigan, hold the laws in Limbo. Pray for these poor souls this Christmas that they will experience a conversion.

McCain Doesn’t Want to Flip-Flop

Our hat is off to Attorney John Jakubczyk of Phoenix who asked Senator John McCain, who is pro-life on abortion, if a new breakthrough in turning adult stem cells into an embryonic-like state would change his mind on the issue of using tax money to pay for embryonic stem cell research. McCain said he is not sure the research is strong enough to prompt him to turn back on the issue, and said he doesn’t want to look like he is flip-flopping on the issue.

We say when you’re wrong on a particular issue, your best action is a good flip-flop.

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