Euthanasia Groups Unwelcome in Switzerland

A report out of Albuquerque, New Mexico says abortionist Curtis Boyd’s clinic on Encino Place was torched Friday night by two hooded people seen breaking a window and throwing a can of gasoline into the clinic. They drove away in a black van. One room was damaged by fire and the whole building sustained smoke damage.

Violence Not the Solution

No one was in the building at the time. Staff is still answering the phone, and patients are being sent to an undisclosed location for their abortions. Boyd has been doing abortions in the area for 22 years.

While a few radical pro-lifers applaud this method of fighting abortion, by far the majority of pro-life activists consider any form of violence to be counter-productive and, in fact, immoral.

It simply is not the way to go, and we save many more lives at the abortion clinic through non-violent counseling, praying and picketing. We are trying to close clinics, too, but only through legal and non-violent means.

We disapprove of all forms of violence and in particular the lethal violence against the helpless unborn who die in these places.

Swiss to Euthanasia Groups: Stay Out

One of the arguments made before the Aurora City Council, over and over again, is that most people don’t want a “death factory” in their neighborhood. Planned Parenthood, by not revealing that they were building an abortion mill in a residential area, didn’t have to listen to such complaints. If they had asked the residents, as the law required, they might not be there now.

A comparable situation is what is happening in Staefa, Switzerland, where legal euthanasia has engendered Dignitas apartments where people check in to be quietly killed.

Enough complaints have been registered by other residents that police have evicted Dignitas several times for violating local zoning laws. One Dignitas group has to find new quarters several times, having been kicked out of Zurich apartments and hotel rooms. A group called Exit goes to private homes to kill people who are in a hurry to die.

Most of the complainers agree with assisted suicide, but don’t like to live next door to the place where it happens. Let’s hope the powers that be in Aurora will listen to the same message and kick Planned Parenthood out of Aurora.

Stay tuned.

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