Botched Abortions Not Unusual

Ann and I will attend the funeral of Illinois Congressman and Pro-Life Leader Henry Hyde on Friday, December 7, at 10:00 AM at St. John Neumann Roman Catholic Church at 2900 East Main Street in St. Charles, Illinois. For those who cannot attend the funeral, we will have a report on Monday’s Action News.

18-Year Old Dies After an Abortion

A story out of Hyannis, MA relates a mother’s distress at learning that her 18-year old daughter, Laura Hope Smith, had died during an abortion at the Women’s Health Center. She said the report was matter-of-fact and that there was no indication that anything had been done to try to save her life until the Fire Department was called and the medics tried desperately to revive her, but too late.

The Doctor, Rapin Osathanoudl, went on doing abortions and is still at his grizzly trade despite the Smith’s efforts to have him investigated.

After three months the Smiths are still waiting for an autopsy report, which should have been issued immediately, or at least no more than a week after Laura Hope’s death, but it has been repeatedly delayed.

Botched Abortions Not Unusual

While this story is not at all unusual, it brings to mind a talk I had over lunch one Saturday with a doctor at a local hospital. While she told me of the hospital’s own abortion policy, which was quite liberal, she said one of the most distressing events for her was the arrival on a kind of routine basis, of women brought in to the emergency room from local abortion mills, often without any warning.

The local abortionists would rarely take the trouble to call the hospital to alert staff to be ready for the arrival of a patient who had been butchered, whose uterus had been perforated, who had lost pints of blood, who had had their bowels punctured, or had been given too much anesthesia or whatever.

There they were, being delivered by an ambulance for hire, and this doctor would have to go down and try to patch them up and save their lives.

She said if people only knew how many young women are damaged — many for life — in the free standing “legal” abortion mills, they would be up in arms. But nobody cares.

She asked me not to name her or say what hospital she works at, and I promised her I would respect this request. But I believe every word she said, and was angry to hear that all of the doctors on staff, except for her, are pro-abortion and that several of them want to do more and later abortions and for reasons convenient for them, and which would make their load lighter.

This doctor was taking a chance being seen with me and I respect her for her courage. It is dangerous nowadays to be seen in certain hospitals with someone who believes in the sanctity of life.

We’ve come a long way, baby.

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