Pro-Lifers Unfazed by Threats of Arrest in Aurora

More than 200 pro-life stalwarts participated Saturday in a peaceful picket outside Planned Parenthood in Aurora.

Aurora Police Chief Threatens Arrests, Makes None

Aurora’s Police Chief Bill Powell had promised arrests if there was any semblance of disobeying his orders, which are sometimes inconsistent with—and contradictory to—former directives. But all went well and there were no arrests.

Most of the regulations have to do with ground areas on the site that have been made available for protesters’ use, and locations that are designated “off limits.”

One gentleman pushing his child in a baby stroller was threatened with arrest when it was observed that he was praying and had a pro-life insignia on him. He said he was not in the protest, but his wife was and he was caring for their baby.

Some picketers were told not to use certain slogans and comments during their protests, or they could be arrested. To date no threats against language have been carried out by the police. But for example, a protester who had said to a couple going into the clinic, “Don’t let them murder your baby” was told by an officer that he could not use those or similar words, or he would be arrested.

The fact is, however, that such words of admonition can be used since they carry no threat, but are only a warning. If arrested, he would have a clear case of a violation of his First Amendment right to freedom of expression.

Both candidates for U. S. Congress for the 14th District joined the protest, Jim Oberweis and State Sen. Chris Lauzen.

Stories of the protest were carried in both the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Hannity’s America Covers Aurora Planned Parenthood for the Second Time

“Hannity’s America” on Fox News at 8 PM Sunday ran a segment on police harassment against the pro-lifers, the fraud used by Planned Parenthood in gaining its permit to build, listed a number of malpractice suits filed against Planned Parenthood centers across the country, and reiterated the story of Planned Parenthood’s cover-up of cases of adult male predators who bring their victims for abortions at Planned Parenthood facilities, and thus aid and abet in felonious activity.

They also announced hearings on the Aurora clinic’s zoning violations coming up later this month.

Hats off once more to Sean Hannity and his crew.

Eugene Cullen Kennedy: Not a Happy Camper

While loyal Catholics are rejoicing that the Catholic Bishops have finally warned Catholics that it’s a sin to vote for candidates who support abortion, and that such votes could have an impact on the person’s salvation, ex-priest Eugene Cullen Kennedy of Loyola University takes umbrage with their warning.

He blames the sex abuse scandal of the past six years for the bishops’ confusion, and admonishes them to let adult Catholics vote the way they want to.

They don’t need any warnings from their Shepherds, Kennedy muses; after all, most Catholics are smarter than bishops and don’t need their advice.

He says the Bishops haven’t been following Church teachings or they wouldn’t have had such a big scandal, and he says it’s too late for the Bishops to start giving orders now. That was OK in 1925, he says, but we’re heading into 2025 where Catholics are better educated and don’t need Ecclesiastical advice. He suggests that the Bishops just keep quiet.

What rock has Kennedy been hiding under?

Colorado Bishops Take Strong Stand Against Denver Planned Parenthood

Speaking of bishops, we’re happy that the three bishops in Colorado are speaking out against the new Planned Parenthood abortion mill being built in Denver. We will be there December 1, taking part in a protest and planning session, and it’s good to have the bishops behind us.

Our effort will be to get contractors to stop work on the building, and let it sit unfinished, as was done in Austin, TX three years ago. Such an opportunity was denied us in Aurora.

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