Planned Parenthood’s Shadiness Exposed

Planned Parenthood Federation of America is getting kicked around these days.

Crutcher’s Dogged Efforts to Expose PP Finally Getting Attention

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics in Denton, Texas has given them a bad time for several years now, interviewing employees of some 800 abortion centers—many run by Planned Parenthood—to prove that they are covering up the crime of statutory rape by provide abortions for underage girls made pregnant by older men. Thus they are complicit in the felony of rape, which goes unreported. This is a crime.

Mark’s interviews with hundreds of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics has been reported across the country, and is finally getting some attention. Even college freshmen are now using Mark’s techniques to prove that these crimes go unreported.

Pro-Life Activism on the Rise

A few years ago pro-life activists in Austin, TX did their best to keep Planned Parenthood from building a mega-abortion mill there, and did delay its building for months. Now in Denver, CO pro-lifers are trying to do the same thing to keep a clinic from being built.

In Aurora, IL activists kept an already built mega mill from opening for two weeks, and since it opened, pro-lifers have been working to get it shut down through the court system for violating building and zoning laws.

Meanwhile, all over the country prayer warriors stand in front of killing centers praying and counseling women patients from using their services. In many states, pro-life legislators are trying to pass laws that cut off or diminish government funding for abortion, directing their efforts primarily toward cutting funding to Planned Parenthood.

While the carefully concealed fact that abortion and birth control pills are a major cause of breast cancer has generally gone unmentioned, the truth is just now slowly breaking through the barrier of silence, despite Planned Parenthood’s carefully orchestrated cover-up.

Great Column by Dennis Byrne on Abortion/Breast Cancer Link

For example, a column by Dennis Byrne appeared in Monday’s Chicago Tribune, “Snubbing cancer study will only hurt women: research showing link to abortion ignored by media.”

Byrne deplores the fact that with all the studies on the causes of breast cancer, the media has assiduously omitted mentioning the abortion-breast cancer connection.

This column deserves attention.

Lies, Lies, Lies

So many of Planned Parenthood’s biggest lies and best kept secrets are getting exposure, such as: “Abortion is only ten percent of our business.”

This is a lie since all the preparation for abortion and the aftermath are part of the procedure.

“We promote adoption.” Statistics show two adoptions a year per abortion clinic. The adoption claim is only a front.

“We encourage abstinence.” The truth is that they promote and encourage promiscuity.

Also, facts about their financial mismanagement are leaking out, and have been discovered by government agencies, as investigations are springing up everywhere. And, in the midst of all this trouble, an army of seventy pro-life, pro-family organizations is urging the U. S. Congress to suspend funding for Planned Parenthood during an ongoing investigation in Kansas, charging them with performing illegal late-term abortions in that state.

Planned Parenthood’s Shadiness Exposed

To add to their shame, an in-depth, nine-page study of Planned Parenthood crimes appears in the October 22 issue of The Weekly Standard, touching on these troubles and revealing new ones.

At the same time, Brent Bozell in his column, “Poor Planned Parenthood?”, writes that despite all the free positive publicity Planned Parenthood gets from the pro-abortion media, the secular press is finding it harder and harder to fudge Planned Parenthood’s claims of helping women, educating society and supporting families.

The media are still fooled, but starting gradually to see under the coat of flaking paint.

And always one to encourage you to kick the abortion industry when it’s down, we urge you to watch a Fox News special this Saturday night when Fox is slated to show an abortion during a report on the abortion controversy.

It may not be exactly the exposure we want, but it can hardly avoid saying something negative about what Planned Parenthood is doing to our women and children: making millions of dollars off of their misery. Even Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards, says she has never before seen such an attack on Planned Parenthood.

And she is right. So let the battle commence.

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