Aurora Citizens Betrayed by Mayor

Mayor Thomas Weisner was soundly excoriated Tuesday night at the Aurora City Council meeting for bypassing the council and the citizens of Aurora when he unilaterally gave Planned Parenthood the go-ahead to open their abortion clinic at 3051 New York Street


Although the Mayor had promised that the council would have input and that citizens would be privy to the investigation into charges of fraud, Weisner broke faith with both parties when he gave his permission for the clinic to open.

Aurora Citizens Betrayed

The investigation into charges of fraud seems to have been a patchwork quilt begun by an attorney-friend of Weisner’s who was dismissed from the case, taken up by a second attorney who was also rejected, and then turned over to a third attorney who simply meshed the two partial investigations of the dismissed attorneys, and reported that he could find no criminal activity.

Nobody but the mayor had seen the finished investigation when the Mayor allowed the clinic to open October 2. The Mayor said he had exercised his rights.

While no abortions have been reported as of this date, they are scheduled to be performed this Saturday, and will rest on the conscience of the Mayor to his dying day.

Meanwhile, the battle to close the clinic continues, as well as the prayer vigil going on outside the abortion clinic, with a major protest scheduled for Saturday, October 27. See Families Against Planned Parenthood for details and updates.

Reports are that Dominick’s owns the lot next to the abortion clinic and has put up a fence on the property that has been used by pro-lifers to demonstrate. See a picture of the fence here. The Battle of Aurora rages.

PP Ads Pulled from Duquesne U. Radio Station

And speaking of Planned Parenthood, Students for Life of America reports that the President of Duquesne University pulled ads for Planned Parenthood from the university radio station, WDUQ. The ads had already run for two days before they were pulled. Duquesne is a Catholic university in Pittsburgh.

Planned Parenthood Lies

David Bereit, head of the 40 Days for Life project, writes that during his travels to various sites where pro-lifers are holding the vigils, he has witnessed a powerful unity in the pro-life movement and met many dedicated people. One was a young woman who not only had an abortion in the clinic she was praying in front of, but once worked there.

She said she learned that everything Planned Parenthood does is a lie. She said they work on a woman’s fear to get her to go through with an abortion, tell her once she has lamanaria she must go through with the abortion, there’s no turning back, makes huge profits off its birth control pills, use residents instead of doctors for vasectomies, and care nothing for the women that come to them. It’s just a business.

Former Abortion Provider Speaks at PIC Event in Aurora

We heard our good friend, Kathy Sparks of Granite City, IL speak Thursday night at the Pregnancy Information Center annual banquet in Aurora. Kathy was part of our Meet the Abortion Providers series back in the 1980’s. She had worked in the infamous Hope Clinic and told of her experiences working there. Kathy is one great speaker and we highly recommend that you invite her to speak at your next banquet or conference.

Rest in Peace, Barbara Lekes

Sad news: Long time pro-life activist Barbara Lekes has died of cancer. Visitation is at the Donnellan Funeral Home, 10525 S. Western Ave in Beverly, on Sunday from 3 to 9 p.m. Barbara’s funeral Mass is on Monday at 10 a.m. at St. Margaret of Scotland at 99th and Throop. May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the Mercy of God rest in peace.

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