PP Brings Back Its Cheap Fundraising Tricks

Planned Parenthood is up to its cheap fundraising tricks again. They are railing against the “40 Days for Life” campaign now going on in front of some 89 abortion mills across the nation, and are encouraging a “Pledge Against the Protesters” program, where fellow baby killers pledge so much money for each pro-lifer who shows up to pray.

Piling Evil On Top of Evil

They believe this tactic will bring them money and scare away pro-lifers. It may bring in a few dollars, though we doubt it—pledges aren’t cash—but all it really does is add to the guilt of killing babies in the first place.

These poor devils are already so deep into evil it seems a shame to pile on more and more evil to carry to the grave with them. But that’s their decision.

Their Administrative Headquarters are putting out a form to be used as a press release by their abortion mills around the country, saying essentially the same thing: The prayer campaign is from September 26 through November 4. Be peaceful. Pro-lifers may be violent. Pledge money according to the number of protesters.

The “fill-in-the-blanks” press release then mentions that the 40 day prayer vigil started early in Aurora, IL where the new Planned Parenthood mill there was declared “Ground Zero” for eliminating abortion.

The “one-size-fits-all” release then says protesters surrounded the clinic with gruesome signage, threatened to tear down the clinic, photographed license plates of clinic workers and stormed city council meetings to bully public officials into keeping the clinic closed.

The release quotes Rev. Catherine Fransson, Pastor of Seattle’s First Baptist Church, saying a patient should not have to risk her well-being, safety and privacy. It cites a national poll saying 71 percent of Americans condemn protests against Planned Parenthood. We wonder where they got that figure.

But even if people condemn protests, many will be converted by these very protests to join the national effort to tell the truth about Planned Parenthood, and the truth will set them free from their phony belief that Planned Parenthood has anything good about it.

Anti-PP Postcards Prompt Unhinged Reactions

And speaking of Planned Parenthood, some of the recipients of our factual post card on Planned Parenthood that went to every household in Aurora and neighboring Naperville are sending us comments, many of which I can’t repeat here.

But they are reassuring. Seems the people who defend Planned Parenthood are the kind you’d just as well were on the other side: mean, defensive, closed to the evidence and at times use quite colorful language. It makes one feel good being on the right side of the issue. Should we try to answer them or not? What do you think? Drop us a line or give us a call. We’d really like to know what you would do.

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