Aurora Caves to Planned Parenthood

Late breaking news out of Aurora, IL says that after an investigation of Planned Parenthood’s fraudulent obtaining of an occupancy permit, Kane County State’s Attorney John Barsanti announced that Planned Parenthood did not commit any crimes while gaining approval for a new abortion mill in that town.

Aurora Mayor Gives Up

Apparently lying, cheating, and deceiving aren’t quite bad enough to keep Planned Parenthood from opening a baby-killing center in Aurora, and Mayor Tom Weisner said at a Monday press conference that he will issue a permanent occupancy permit to them within 24 hours.

Weisner says that as an elected official he has to uphold the law and open the killing center right away, no matter what his personal views may be. The mill was supposed to open September l8, but the investigation we prompted kept it closed for two weeks. That’s a victory in itself.

But the pro-lifers aren’t giving up on keeping this mill closed. Eric Scheidler says the decision should be made by the whole City Council, and not just by the Mayor. And a pro-life lawsuit seeking an injunction against the clinic’s opening will be filed in Kane County court on Tuesday, demanding that public hearings be held before a permit for opening the clinic can be issued, or if it is already issued, have it rescinded until these hearings are completed.

The abortion war in Aurora is not over. Not by a long shot. So stay tuned.

Where’s the Ugly?

The abortion debate brings out some strange characters. Take an article by Sara Paretsky in Sunday’s Chicago Tribune Perspective section, “Ugly Scene a Loss for Women.” First of all, since the secular media are so squeamish they won’t show a graphic picture, the ugly scene is a photo of a cute little dark haired baby with the word LIFE above him. The sign is being held by a nice looking lady. So where’s the ugly?

What is ugly is the author’s lies. She says a poor old woman with cancer tried to get into a North Side Chicago abortion clinic to see her doctor, but she couldn’t get through a horde of pro-lifers. She says police cooperated with the hate-filled pro-life bullies. And on and on. It’s so sad: the truth will not serve the abortion crowd.

Byrne Hits the Nail on the Head

Dennis Byrne says it well in a Monday column entitled, “Planned Parenthood applies with lies.” He says the abortion industry has demonstrated great skill in the art of deception, invention and omission. He says Planned Parenthood has to lie because it can’t face the tests of a democratic society. He points out a whole litany of lies, including lies told over the years in the NOW v. Scheidler case. (We know about these lies personally.)

Byrne also brings up the lying about partial birth abortion, lies about the majority supporting Roe v. Wade when most have never read it, and lies about pro-life protesters as violent. They use the lies in the hope that these lies will force the courts to exercise prior restraint against them.

We appreciate journalists like Dennis Byrne—journalists who tell the truth!

Say a prayer that our attorneys will come up with a plan to keep the Aurora Planned Parenthood abortion mill closed.

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