The Silver Bullet for Aurora Planned Parenthood?

In the ongoing battle in which pro-life activists are trying diligently to keep a monstrous abortion mill from opening in Aurora, Illinois, a brand new element has entered into the mix that might just be the “silver bullet” to do the trick.

Aurora PP Didn’t Get Not-for-Profit Permit

Peter Breen, who manages two crisis pregnancy centers, but once was a patent attorney and has the gift and experience of doing in-depth research, discovered just the other day that there is a law on the books in Aurora that requires a not-for-profit organization to get a special permit before going ahead with any business.

The permit is not easy to obtain, but nothing can be done in the way of building or furnishing or preparing for business, unless the permit is secured. But when Planned Parenthood went to get its permit to build the 22,000 square foot abortion mill in Aurora, it petitioned not as a not-for-profit but as a regular business, thus bypassing the necessary requirements for obtaining a not-for-profit permit.

This was a disastrous move on its part, for at no time in the building construction or while preparing to open an abortion mill did it have a valid permit. Now the deception that Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area CEO Steve Trombley has been bragging about—that he fooled the city and kept pro-life activists in the dark—is coming back to haunt him. His clever little game of deception caused him to overlook the one thing he needed to do first: apply to the city as a not-for-profit entity.

Eric Scheidler, in announcing this new find, told a meeting of the City Council Tuesday night that not one brick or one pane of bulletproof glass was put into the building legally.

Talk is of dismantling the whole somber structure. Whether that will happen or not, if the Aurora City Council is a serious body and wishes to maintain its integrity as a governing entity, the Mayor and the council must stand up and refuse to allow the multimillion dollar Planned Parenthood Plague from ever taking control of the building on New York Street in Aurora.

The whole world is watching.

Aurora’s Prayer Vigil Continues; Chicago’s Begins

Meanwhile, the forty day prayer vigil goes on outside the mill and this is now in its fiftieth day. Prayer warriors are still needed so drop by any time.

And in Chicago, Ann Scheidler, Pro-Life Action League Executive Director and member of Queen of All Saints Parish, spent twelve hours on Wednesday on the first day of the Archdiocese’s 40 Days for Life effort at LaSalle and Division Streets on Chicago’s North Side at the site of our local Planned Parenthood abortion mill. Perhaps after forty days of prayer in front of this killing center it will close down.

Eighty-eight other abortion mills around the country are sites of these prayer vigils. With that much prayer bombarding heaven something good is sure to happen.

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