Planned Parenthood Lies—Even the Media Know It!

Even the secular media is beginning to get the message: Planned Parenthood thrives on lies and deception.

Chicago Tribune Editorial: “Planned Deception?”

Just as Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger managed to keep her deep-seated eugenics program under wraps and her support for abortion concealed for years, her organization sneaks around the fact that it wants to eliminate third world people, promote promiscuity, encourage abortion and undermine societal morals. And it sneaks around building abortion mills under fake names.

A Chicago Tribune editorial last Saturday asked, “Planned Deception?” The editorial says U. S. District Judge Charles Norgle refused to order the City of Aurora to allow the abortion mill there and was right in doing so because Planned Parenthood applied for a permit to build a medical office building but under an assumed name, Gemini Office Development LLC, just to disguise the building from abortion opponents and keep Aurora officials in the dark.

It said the tenant was unknown, that they didn’t have a tenant, but later admitted that they were trying to keep the abortion part secret. Of course Tribune editors, as would be the case with most media folks, are happy that Planned Parenthood is allowed to amend its request and are urging a quick ruling in favor of the abortion mill.

Their comments clearly indicate whose side they’re on. They want city officials to speed up their investigation and it’s clear they would like the clinic to open, though they do admit that, if there is evidence that Planned Parenthood/Gemini intentionally withheld information or deceived city officials, Aurora will have reason to stop the project in its tracks. (That’s the part of the editorial we like best).

However, the Tribune Editor must conclude with a caveat that the city can’t stop the clinic because it wants to avoid political controversy over abortion. The city must treat this as it would any other business enterprise that comes before it. How nice to be able to view a factory that dices up little children and teaches young people to commit disgusting mortal sins, as just another business.

We, too, hope the mill is closed on legal grounds, but we think a murder factory should never be in operation in any country, and certainly not in one that goes out of its way in its founding documents to declare life to be its first and foremost right. But most secular newspaper editors handed over their souls and their consciences years ago, when they bought the lie that man makes his own laws, and doesn’t need any spiritual or divine direction whatsoever.

Anyone who can consider abortion to be just another business, has no right to address the public with his hashed up value system. It is simply never right to do wrong.

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