Article on Aurora Planned Parenthood in LA Times

One of the most comprehensive stories to come out of the battle against Planned Parenthood so far, appeared in the Los Angeles Times Friday by Stephanie Simon. She sees a national protest against Planned Parenthood sweeping the country, from Denver, CO where a new abortion mill is being built to Aurora, IL where one already built under fraudulent circumstances is being contested.

Decent LA Times Article on Aurora Planned Parenthood

She says some eighty-nine Planned Parenthood abortion mills all over the country are being singled out for 40-day prayer vigils, and announces several proposed abortion clinic regulations introduced in several states, including Missouri.

Simon relates the seven-hour City Council meeting in Aurora Tuesday night, where citizens spoke against the new mill, and she relates that Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the nation, with 265,000 abortions done in its facilities annually, and reveals that it receives $300 million annually from the government for its so called “services.”

She quotes Steve Trombley of Chicago Planned Parenthood admitting that the Aurora clinic was built under a deceptive name, Gemini Office Development, to mask the fact that it is an abortion mill, and she quotes him promising that the mill will open as scheduled on September 18.

She quotes me saying, “Sooner or later we’ve got to return some sense of decency to this country. Maybe this is where it starts.” She closes her article with this item: “For his part, Scheidler is gathering names of clinic employees. He plans to send activists to march outside their homes this fall, waving gory photos. The siege, he said, has just begun.”

While we don’t support everything about her article, it is among the most accurate stories we have seen on Planned Parenthood recently.

Daily Herald Can’t Figure It Out

Meanwhile, Daily Herald editor Jim Davis writes to correct a story his newspaper did on this issue, called “Perils and pitfalls of a story that makes no one happy.” One of the pitfalls was calling the Pro-Life Action League the “Abortion Rights Action League.”

About all Davis can say about that egregious error—calling a national pro-life organization a pro-abortion agency—is to explain that in substituting Associated Press preferred language for their reporter’s language, they simply substituted “abortion” for “pro-life.” Just a little proofreading might have saved the Herald from this faux pas.

While the Herald may want to report this complicated story honestly, we suspect they can’t quite figure it out: They find a pro-life community with little money or clout challenging a huge, wealthy abortion franchise, and they see the franchise is getting clobbered.

David has Goliath on the run, but since they are solidly in Goliath’s camp themselves, they can’t explain David’s strength, so they try to create a scenario where David inevitably loses. But he isn’t losing this time and they don’t want to believe it.

Aurora Situation Gets More Interesting Every Day

Meanwhile, back in the real world members of the City Council have learned that Richard Martens—the attorney hired by the Mayor to solve the case of whether the permit for a Planned Parenthood abortion mill is based on fraud—is an insider and an acquaintance of the Mayor, and some of them don’t think he should judge the case.

Other bits of information coming to our attention: the discovery that the first company contacted to do the building would not accept the job due to the nature of the building, and then big money was introduced to entice another bid. More to this building fiasco than meets the eye. And we’ll have more on this Tuesday.

Meanwhile, if you know anyone who worked on the building and is upset that he helped to build an abortuary, ask him if he is interested in joining a lawsuit, or even if he is willing to put his name on an ad.

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