No More Cheap Birth Control for College Kids

The presence of pro-lifers around the clock in front of the new unoccupied abortion mill in Aurora, IL is phenomenal. Hundreds of stalwarts have spent thousands of hours praying at the site of the new behemoth Planned Parenthood abortion mill at 3051 East New York Street, ever since the 40-day vigil began on August 9, to protest this sordid business attempting to come into Aurora.

Aurora: A New Dumping Ground?

Not only is it a travesty for this disgusting business to infest itself, unannounced, on Aurora, but its distribution of contraceptives, providing of pornographic sex instructions to teens, treating disgusting venereal diseases its own programs help to spread, and its lethal business of destroying unborn children, is criminal, but locating in Aurora, other evils of a more pragmatic nature flow: property values plummet, neighbors leave, unsavory characters invade the community, protests become routine, police roam the area.

Once Planned Parenthood arrives, Aurora becomes a dumping ground for abortions from all the states around that actually have some legal restrictions on abortion. They’ll flow in from Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, and other neighboring states that have parental notification, informed consent, waiting periods.

As we said Thursday night at the Prisco Community Center, it is no compliment when Planned Parenthood comes to your community. They think you need their sordid services. They come “in loco parentis,” to take your place and turn your kids into harlots and predators if you let them.

No More Cheap Birth Control for College Students

Speaking of sordid, did you see the reaction to the news that the cost of contraceptives is soaring on college campuses? It seems the poor little promiscuous floozies on campus may have to pay $40 for Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo instead of a reasonable $7, and up to $25 for a good old generic contraceptive pill that was going for only $5 or $6.

The Big Bad Wolf in this story is President George Bush for signing a Deficit Reduction Act last year, aimed at reducing federal spending by $39 billion, making it more costly for drug makers to offer low cost birth control to college clinics. Then the U. S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued regulations that dropped college clinics from a list of agencies to which drug companies could sell discounted drugs. Oh, sob!

And this tragedy has caught the poor little fornicators off guard, and they are scared that they may become pregnant, since they haven’t enough character to practice virtue. Or maybe they never even heard of that option. But while it may cost them something, many students say they wouldn’t dream of going off of their contraceptives. Some, so bold as to give their names for the Sun-Times story, say they’ll pay whatever it takes. A kind of sick, sad, sordid, society we’ve got here on our modern college campuses. Give me the good old college days of yore.

Strange Bedfellows in Pro-Abort Camp

Dan Gura writes an interesting and original article in Republicans for Fair Media, RFFM.ORG, to show that the little gaggle of pro-aborts that tried to protest our massive pro-life gathering last week in Aurora was made up of members of the National Organization for Women, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and members of the Socialist Workers Party.

Killing innocent babies certainly makes for strange bedfellows, Dan says. When you’re losing you become desperate, and will take anybody who comes along. Dan has come up with a new slogan for the abortion bunch: “We kill the babies. We hurt their mommies. No one wants us—except the Commies.”

Join Us This Saturday in Aurora

Be sure to join pro-life activists in front of the new abortion mill in Aurora this Saturday, August 25, from 9:00 to 11:00 AM. This will be a piece of pro-life history. You will want to tell your grandchildren some day that you were at the demonstration against Auschwitz on the Fox River way back in 2007. “And gentlemen now aged in England who were not there, will think themselves accursed, and hold their manhood cheap, when any speaks who fought with us upon St. Crispin’s day.”

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