ELCA Votes to Allow Sodomy Among Clergy

You might want to mark your calendar with a big black “X” on Saturday, August 11, 2007. That’s the day the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America died a horrible, shameful death when its large assembly, meeting out in the lake on Navy Pier, voted to allow sodomy among its clergy.

ELCA Is Finished

Oh, it didn’t come right out and bless sodomy among the clergy, since it didn’t have the courage to be truly honest. It just decided that church leaders would refrain from restraining gay clergy in committed relationships. It was a 538 to 431 vote, and was viewed as historic and a sign of shifting thinking on homosexuality within the 4.8 million member denomination.

Pro-gays were delighted with the decision and called the pro-sodomy vote “a huge victory,” saying that the “gospel of inclusion” won. I suppose a “yes” vote on any perversion would constitute a win for inclusion. Vote “yes” on pedophilia and voila, inclusion has won, and so on.

If inclusion is the name of the game, why even have a hierarchy, or a religion, or a church, or anything? It’s all a sham. So that’s why I say mark your calendar, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in American is gone, finished, stone-cold dead.

They will go on having some ceremonies, but it won’t mean a thing. ELCA is a sham, as is any other so-called church that condones abortion and sodomy and any other perversions they decide they want to incorporate into their new morality.

Martin Luther must be spinning in his grave!

Hundreds of Prayer Warriors Coming to Aurora

The new Aurora Planned Parenthood abortion mill protest is going well. Literally hundreds of area pro-lifers have already prayed in front of the fortress-like abortion mill in Aurora, asking that God not allow it to open on September 18, as scheduled. Drop by and say a prayer or two, any time of day or night.

Local churches of many denominations are supporting the 40 days of prayer in front of the mill, and encouraging their members to attend. One parish bulletin, however, rather than encourage attendance at the prayer vigil, as requested by pro-life leaders, urged parishioners to pray for those who witness at the clinic, so that they will pray in a way that is non-judgmental, respectful, lawful and prayerful, and to pray for an end to poverty that causes many women to consider abortion as a way out.

While we certainly want to end poverty and appreciate any prayers for us that we can get, it seems the author of this message sort of missed the point. We expect we’ll behave ourselves, but how about Planned Parenthood?

For more information on the Vigil and the other efforts to stop Planned Parenthood, visit Families Against Planned Parenthood

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