Democrats Vie over Who’s the Most Pro-Abortion

If you ever had any doubts about the three Democrat leaders in search of a presidential nomination, Senators Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards, take a gander at them groveling before the powers at Planned Parenthood last week, trying to get the so-called feminist vote.

Top Dems Court Radical Feminists

All three Democrat candidates pledged undying love for abortion, pledge to keep it legal and promised to appoint only pro-abortion judges to the US Supreme Court. While Edwards couldn’t make the meeting in person, he sent his wife Elizabeth to do the dirty work.

Obama and Edwards went even further than Hillary in pledging that in their special socialized health care plans they will fully cover all reproductive health services including abortion. Hillary wants all service women to get free emergency contraception.

Elizabeth Edwards lashed out at Hillary by saying her stand on abortion was not strong enough for a Democratic candidate because she once said that, “abortions are tragedies.” Apparently killing a baby and ruining your life doesn’t qualify as being very serious in Elizabeth’s book, and in her husband’s.

Sen. Obama, with his hand only lightly on the pulse of the average American, lambasted the Supreme Court majority for supporting the ban on partial birth abortion. Seventy-two percent of American’s support the ban, so Obama was only speaking for a miserable 28 percent of the country when he took his stand. Pay attention, Barack!

He even took a swat at Justice Anthony Kennedy for not having the “heart” to recognize what it’s like to be a young teen-age mom. Barack does seem to know, and when he starts appointing Supreme Court Justices he will use the mind of a teen-age mom in making his selections. Heaven help us if Barack Obama ever becomes President of the United States!

Dr. Death Hosted at U of Florida

Life Advocacy Briefing reports that Dr. Death, Jack Kevorkian, fresh out of jail, is going to the Gainesville campus of the University of Florida to indoctrinate the kids there on the joys of killing yourself, or at least that’s the topic he said, shortly after his release after serving only eight years of a ten to twenty-five year sentence, that he would be talking on when he addresses college groups.

The university is coughing up a $50,000 stipend for Doc’s talk. The time I talked at Gainesville I got $500 and a whole lot of coat hangers for my efforts. But I didn’t tell the kids how to kill themselves, but how to save their souls by not killing their children. Strange new world we’ve got here.

Pray To Keep Planned Parenthood Out of Aurora

If you received our latest letter you know that the Pro-Life Action League is setting out to try to keep a new Planned Parenthood abortion mill from opening in Aurora, IL. It is going to be a tough job since the building is well under way. But we have done it before and we are going to use peaceful but effective tactics we have employed elsewhere to keep a bunch of baby killers out of a community.

Among our weapons will be prayer, and that is where our Action News Hotline readers come in big time. Pray this abortion mill out of Aurora. Pray hard and we’ll try to do what we can, with the cooperation of the pro-life activists of Chicago’s second city. Stay tuned.

PLAN Is Coming Back

The League will be reviving the Pro-Life Action Network, PLAN, with a major meeting September 21 and 22 in Chicago. PLAN operated from 1977 to 1997, but was discontinued for ten years during the RICO trial.

PLAN had gained such a reputation for effective tactics in closing down abortion mills and upsetting the abortion industry, that it was named by NOW as the “enterprise” operating the whole activist movement. And to a great extent it was, though other pro-life efforts were also very effective.

Now, ten years later, having successfully defeated the abortionists’ efforts to silence us, te Pro-Life Action League believes it is time to reactivate this effective tool. So plan to attend this important and probably historic meeting by calling us, to make your reservation, at 773-777-2900. No pro-aborts need apply!

Get in on the ground floor of this powerful renewed effort to close down the lethal abortion industry in this country, though totally legal and peaceful means. We will discuss these means at our two-day conference. Be there.

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