Never a Dull Moment on the Summer Truth Tour

Midway through our eight annual Face the Truth Tour we can report that this has been one of the most lively and morally satisfying series of presentations of the great sin of abortion to the public that we have experienced to date.

Excitement on Tour

Volunteers to hold graphic posters of pre-natal life and abortion along the streets and highways have averaged fifty at each stop, with more than seventy on at least two occasions. Each site has been carefully selected for maximum exposure of our pictures although some locations have had such heavy and fast moving traffic that it has been difficult to distribute literature or converse with drivers. The weather has been typical Chicago—just about everything, including two near hurricanes.

On Monday in downtown Chicago we had just brought in all our signs early and had packed them in the vans because of a cloudburst, when a crazed pro-abort jumped into the back of the van and began throwing our five-foot signs into the street, after dumping one of our coolers out the back of the van.

When John Jansen tried to stop him, John was thrown to the ground. Finally four of our crew were able to hold the culprit until police came, cuffed him put him in the squad car. He was charged with battery. More on this case later following a hearing at the end of the month.

Then on Wednesday in Bridgeview, the local law enforcement folks couldn’t quite figure out what to do with people exercising their first amendment rights, so harassed us for all of our time there, and finally ordered us to leave or be arrested on the shaky basis that our signs were disturbing, our cars weren’t parked where they wanted them to be, we needed a permit to be there, as did the women passing out literature.

They took down the license plate numbers of our cars, gave Eric a ticket, took Ann’s address and threatened us with having all of our cars towed. We believe our rights were seriously threatened and will probably be seeing them in court.

No, there is never a dull moment on the Summer Truth Tour.

On Thursday Fr. Norman Weslin, founder of the Lambs of Christ, will join the tour in Deerfield, Northbrook and Glenview. If you have not met Fr. Norman you have missed a great man. Do yourself a favor and come out to at least one of these sites Thursday.

Pope Benedict Under Fire—Again

In other news, some Jews are upset that the holy Father has allowed a broader use of the Tridentine Mass, because, they say, it is within this Mass that the Church prays for the conversion of the Jews.

The fact is that the prayers for Jewish conversion in the liturgy of Good Friday, the one day of the year on which a Mass is not permitted. There is no official prayer for the Jewish conversion in the old Latin Mass, but during a special Good Friday service that also includes the reading of the Passion, veneration of the Cross and a communion service with hosts consecrated on Holy Thursday.

Do your homework, guys.

Now some people are complaining because the Pope has reaffirmed the ancient, traditional teaching that the Catholic church is the one true church through which salvation is obtained. There is noting new about this teaching. It has been Catholic doctrine since earliest times.

Why would anyone belong to a church he did not believe was the true church? What would be the point? If you don’t believe you belong to the true church, the source of your eternal salvation, get out. Quick!

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