True Patriots Can Still Save America from Godlessness

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July, and consider that as messed up as our country has become through liberal lawmakers, immoral judges and godless media, and desperate as the future may look, this is still the greatest country on earth and the nation that still has the best chance of getting straightened out.

True Patriots Can Save America

Of all nations, this one can return to right law and reason if we patriots work at it real hard, individually and in union with other true patriot-Americans who believe we are still “one nation Under God.”

Abandoning God by outlawing prayer and morality is how we got to our present sorry state of mass confusion. We have abandoned truth and have adopted lies, abandoned decency and honor and accepted perversion and self- indulgence.

But Hope is a theological virtue, and just as Faith and Charity must be practiced to grow and get strong, so must hope be exercised and developed if we want it to triumph. They say hope springs eternal. We hope so.

Stan Get Her Facts Wrong

Adele Stan, writing in last Sunday’s Tribune, says Europe is Lost to Christianity and blames just about everything on the Pope. Her most outrageous blunder is her insistence that Pope Paul VI missed his chance to be relevant when”the church blew its one big chance to make itself relevant in the modern age when the Second Vatican Council rejected its own commission’s conclusion that the church should sanction the use of birth control.”

This is so wrong it is painful. It was rather Paul’s Humane Vitae that proved to the world that this is the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church founded by Jesus Christ for man’s salvation.

Had the Church played into the hands of the sensualists, pragmatists, modernists and hedonists, and sanctioned artificial birth control, it would have betrayed everything it stands for, showed itself no true church at all, and denied the presence of the Holy Spirit. The fact is, it could not have sanctioned the use of birth control and been the one true church.

And probably more fallen-aways have come back because the Church stood firm, than left her because she would not disobey her God-given orders to teach the truth.

If Stan can be so wrong on this matter, she’s probably wrong on her whole theory, that Europe is hopelessly lost to Christianity. They’ve been saying that for lo these two millennia.

Confusion at the Sun-Times

Meanwhile Monroe Anderson says that if 56 percent of Americans think homosexuals can’t change then they can’t change. Down with all kinds of proof positive that they can change, if the American people don’t think they can change, then they cant, all evidence to the contrary. This article in Sunday’s Chicago Sun-Times was just sad, comparing homosexuality with being left handed.

Dan Rozek in another Sun-Times story has to deal with the problem of what to call a pregnant woman and her unborn child, both killed by a drunken driver. April Simmons, almost nine months pregnant, was killed when she was hit by John Homatas near South Elgin. Rozek refers to her unborn “daughter,” but in another sentence refers to Simons as a “mother to be.”

New Hampshire Shuts Out Parents

In New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch made this the first state to repeal a law requiring parental notification before a minor can have an abortion. The pro-abortion governor said he thinks parents should have be involved in an abortion decision but doesn’t think this is always possible, so down with the law.

The law had never taken effect since it was passed in 2003, but the repeal took effect immediately! Forty-four states have parental notification or parental consent laws.

Join the Tour, Starting Saturday

This Saturday marks the first day of our seven-day Face the Truth Tour. Do yourself a favor and come out and join us on the highways and byways to tell the truth that abortion kills an innocent child. Give new purpose to your life. Stand up for the helpless unborn by educating the man on the street about the gravity of abortion. You’ll never regret it.

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