Send Thanks to Courageous Bishop Regali

We praised the Philadelphia City Council on our weekend Action News for reversing an earlier vote by them to label Philadelphia a “Pro-Choice City.” The original vote was 9-8 in favor of the phony title, but after a raking over by Philadelphia Archbishop Justin Regali and many others, the Council voted again and rejected the title 13-4.

Send Thanks to Archbishop Regali

Regali complimented the Council for its wisdom and courage to vote the change. He said he applauded the members of the Council who worked to rescind the troubling resolution and commended the members who supported the reversal for reflecting carefully on it, taking into consideration the sensitivities of all Philadelphians. He hoped the reversal would lead to a greater reverence for the sanctity of all human life.

He had called the earlier decision “divisive” and “erroneous.” We believe it is now time that a grateful laity should thank Cardinal Regali for his bold challenge. It is encouraging when a prelate speaks out forcefully in defense of the helpless unborn and Catholic teachings.

Write: His Eminence Cardinal Justin Rigali, 222 North 17th St., Philadelphia, PA 19103. Or Call him at (215) 587-4538, or email chancery@adphila.org. Just say something nice like, “Thanks, your Eminence. We needed that.”

Ron Paul Backs Showing Abortion Pictures

A funny thing happened at the National Right to Life Convention in Kansas City last week. On June 16 the pro-life group held its presidential forum with GOP candidates Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Sam Brownback.

Brownback was the hometown favorite and spoke well, but it was Congressman Ron Paul who caught everyone’s attention when he said that as an Ob Gyn he had delivered 4000 babies, that he had watched an abortion in medical school and has since then hated abortion. He is a good friend of Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the former abortionist. Paul said we have to get rid of Roe, that since abortion is an issue of personal morality we can’t simply change laws, but that we have to change society.

People must be moral enough to demand that society reject abortion and protect the unborn. Liberty is in jeopardy because of our disregard for life. But here’s the statement that really shocked the group: “We must make people look at abortion, at aborted baby parts!” Paul said Americans must look at this issue as a real issue.

Of course National Right to Life has a policy of not showing the graphic pictures publicly. So Ron Paul was not just speaking to be agreeable to the crowd. He was speaking from his heart and from his own experience.

We agree with Ron Paul about 100%! The public must SEE abortion for what it is: evil, destructive, barbaric, premeditated murder. Ron sounds like a Face the Truth Tour kind of guy to us.

Undisciplined Knights

Ken Fisher of Concerned Roman Catholics of America of Anaheim, CA writes that twelve members of the legislature of Massachusetts are Roman Catholics and members of the Knights of Columbus, and that these twelve voted not to designate marriage as a union between one man and one woman, thus allowing Massachusetts to permit same-sex marriage.

Fisher wants to picket the National Knights of Columbus annual Supreme Council Meeting at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville this August 7 through 9, for not disciplining these Knights, and he needs local help. If you know anyone in that area who would like to help Ken, give him or her a call at 714-491-2284. Or write Ken care of 1415 W. Cerritos Ave., No. 51, Anaheim CA 92802. We helped him when the convention was in Chicago two years ago. It isn’t easy. We love the Knights. But they’ve got to correct this!

Good News from Missouri

Good news out of Missouri. Governor Matt Blunt is about to sign into law a new omnibus pro-life bill that will prohibit groups that provide abortions from teaching sex education in Missouri public schools, and that means Planned Parenthood. There are three abortion mills in Missouri and all three are affiliated with Planned Parenthood.

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