Word Is Getting Out: Homosexuality Can Be Cured

Homosexuals are up in arms over President George Bush’s nominee for surgeon general, Dr. James Holsinger, because the doctor thinks sodomy is unnatural and unhealthy—and can be cured

Homosexuality Can Be Cured

Holsinger has plenty of evidence to prove his point, as do others. And, in fact, a story that appeared in Monday’s Chicago Tribune, “Therapy aims to make ‘ex-gays,'” tells of therapy classes taking place all across the country which are having a 13 percent rate of success, despite opposition from major gay groups and medical and mental health organizations that say efforts to change from gay to normal lead to “self-hatred.”

Holsinger heads up a group he claims help gays, “walk out of that lifestyle.” So despite much criticism and strong opposition to the help groups, these groups are having a surge in interest from gays who simply want to be normal and become straight.

The secret is to put homosexual urges in the same category with other temptations to commit evil, and recognize that giving into a homosexual temptation is like giving into any other sinful inclination. One help-group, Exodus International, has 158 branches across the country, and its president, Alan Chambers, says homosexuals are discovering that there really is help to get them out of that lifestyle.

Even the American Psychological Association with its 148,000 psychologists, is going to review Exodus’ guidelines on reparative therapy. A strong supporter of gay rights, Nick Cummings, past president of the APA, says changing sexual orientation is possible and that it has worked with 260 of his 2,000 clients.

For those of us who have witnessed such conversions, the outrageous claim that this perversion in incurable is simply a lie invented by practicing homosexuals who do not want to be cured. I’ve interviewed reformed homosexuals, met their wives and children and discussed their conversions with them. They do exist.

Philly the “Pro-Choice City”

Believe it or Not, the Philadelphia 17-man City Council has pronounced the City of Brotherly Love to be “A Pro-Choice City.” It’s official, even though the vote was a razor thin 9 to 8 for the title. Striking out at the new designation, is Cardinal Justin Rigali, Archbishop of Philadelphia and head of the Bishops’ Pro-life Committee, who called the label “shameful.”

The resolution, which has no practical implications, was introduced by Blondell Reynolds Brown and was written by her friends at Planned Parenthood. Even one pro-abort Councilwoman would not vote for the title, saying it was simply not fair. Councilman Frank DiCicco agonized, but fearing the wrath of the Vultures, at the last minute voted “yes.”

Philadelphia now falls into the category of “Pro-Choice” California nut cities like Berkeley, Santa Cruz and West Hollywood.

Planned Parenthood Adoptions Hit Zero

Planned Parenthood, which generated 902-million dollars in 2005, got thirty-two percent of that doing 264,943 abortions. That was up from 2004. But in 2004 at least they had counseled some women for adoptions, while in 2005 they did not counsel a single woman to have her baby and let it be adopted. The word, “adoption,” is not even found in their 2005 annual report.

Federal Bill Targets Pharmacists

Be thankful you aren’t a pharmacist. The good ones are paying dearly for standing by their well-informed consciences and refusing to trade in lethal abortion pills like Preven, Plan B and others. Those who won’t dispense contraceptive abortifacients are facing up to half-a-million-dollar penalties.

The “Access to Birth Control Act” now in Congress would remove a pharmacist’s right to make ethical decisions. Democrat Representative Carolyn Maloney of New York and Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey have introduced the ABC bill in Congress to try to force conscientious pharmacists to do harm to their customers. This is sick.

Unspeakably Macabre

One of the most frightening stories you will ever read appeared in the Sunday June 10 Chicago Sun-Times called “Saying Goodbye to VIAL 2988—Our Third Child.” The author has to have a block of ice for a soul. I can’t describe it, it’s so bad, but if you think you can take it, I’ll send a copy to you for a phone call. Ask for Vial 2988.

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