Kresge Foundation Helps Indy Abortuaries

Saturday’s Pro-Life Vigil at St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Orland Park and the prayer march to Planned Parenthood Express was a powerful witness to the deep concern people in the southwest suburbs have for the great crime of abortion, and their determination to end it. More than 700 prayer warriors attended an 8:30 a.m. Mass, offered by Bishop Garcia-Siller with seven concelebrating priests and two attending deacons.

Bishop Garcia-Siller Inspires at Vigil

The Bishop gave a powerful sermon on the majesty of human life and led the assembly on the one-mile march to the Planned Parenthood facility. All four sets of mysteries of the Rosary—Joyful, Luminous, Sowerful and Glorious—were recited and a number of familiar songs sung by the enthusiastic congregation.

The 500 faithful who took part in the march were orderly and evenly paced despite a lack of police assistance. Nearly everyone mentioned the upbeat attitude of the participants and the enthusiastic response throughout the Mass and march. The weather was perfect despite predictions of rain.

Chinese Protest One-Child Policy

Protests in China over the one-child policy are increasing in several provinces where people are exasperated over heavy fines, destructions of homes and forced abortions. Several thousand people in Yangmei set cars on fire, and in nearby Lingshan residents smashed government office building windows, while riot police and army troops were called out in these and eight other cities to disperse the crowds and arrest their leaders.

The South China Morning Post calls the riots “self-organized protests” by citizens who have put up with abuse for too long and whose anger must now be expressed. But government personnel say that in putting down the riots they are only defending the one-child law which they say is supported by the majority of the people.

The terms of the law impose a one-child limit on a couple, unless it is a farming family, in which case a second child may be allowed if the first child is a girl. But a rapidly aging population, a severe labor shortage and a growing gap in the male-female ratio are causing worry even within government circles. Violation of the law carries forced fines, police raids and confiscation of personal property.

Kresge Foundation Backs New Indy Abortuary

In Indianapolis, Planned Parenthood is opening a new abortion center on North Meridian Street, while four of the existing Indianapolis abortion mills will be renovated or relocated as part of a $7 million capital campaign to make baby-killing in Indiana more effective.

The project is sponsored in part by the Kresge Foundation. If you would like to complain about this sprucing up of Indiana’s killing centers, write the Kresge Foundation , 3215 West Big Beaver Road in Troy, MI 48084, or call them at 248-643-9630.

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