Battle Mounts against “Tiller the Killer”

Try to attend the Vigil for Life at St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Orland Park this Saturday, June 2, starting with Mass at 8:30 a.m. St. Michael’s is at 14327 Highland Avenue. We will march in procession to Planned Parenthood Express on LaGrange Road. Bishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller is the celebrant. See you there.

Battling Tiller the Killer

In April of 1983 I attended the National Abortion Federation convention in New Orleans, LA and to get from the airport to the convention Hotel I shared a taxi ride with Dr. George Tiller. He was attending the convention as a delegate, and I was attending as a pro-life spy.

Tiller talked the whole way into New Orleans, and I saw him around during the three days and attempted to attend his talk on the use of ultrasound in doing late-term abortions. But by the time he spoke I had blown my cover and he kicked me out of his talk.

But later I took him up on his invitation to visit his abortuary in Wichita, KS whenever I was in town. A year later I did visit his office with several pro-lifers and several TV camera crews, as we looked for his ultrasound machine.

Since that time I’ve taken every opportunity I could find to try to put Tiller out of business. I got to know one of his staff who told how she hated it when Tiller stoked up the furnace and threw in a fifty pound box of aborted babies for incineration, and how the smell haunts her to this day. Luhra told her story of working for Tiller at our conference of former abortion clinic workers.

Then several years ago I was heartened to learn that Troy Newman, after closing seventeen abortion mills in San Diego, and urging seventy abortionists to get out of the grizzly business, had moved to Wichita to concentrate on getting Tiller to quit. Troy has carried on a battle royal and has even filed criminal charges against Tiller.

O’Reilly Joins Battle against Tiller

Now Bill O’Reilly of Fox News O’Reilly Factor fame has trained his big media guns on Tiller, and has begun firing away at him. If you saw the Factor Wednesday, May 30, you know what I mean. O’Reilly came down on Tiller for “executing fetuses” for “vague medical reasons.”

And O’Reilly blames Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius for being on Tiller’s side and protecting him from lawsuits. O’Reilly said, “How the governor sleeps at night is beyond me,” on his program Wednesday night.

O’Reilly has compiled a document that shows that Tiller has poured campaign contributions into Sebelius’ election campaigns going back to 1994. Troy says O’Reilly’s research confirms his own findings, that Tiller routinely buys off ( our word ) various politicians and anyone else who can help him continue to literally “get away with murder.” Troy says that , “A web of corruption surrounds George Tiller.”

Kansas Governor Backs Contributor Tiller

Newman is hoping O’Reilly’s national exposure of some of this corruption will help put Tiller out of work. And it might also help put Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius on the unemployment list, too.

O’Reilly says that Tiller is at least required by Kansas law to give a sound medical reason for doing these late term abortions, but refuses to do even that, while the Governor lets him get away with it. Of course, there is no possible legitimate medical reason for these convenience abortions, but O’Reilly thinks Tiller should at least come up with something to make it look legal.

O’Reilly suggests we call Governor Sebelius. Good idea: tell her to refuse any more money from Tiller, and remind her that as a Roman Catholic she cannot be involved in procured abortion in any way. Call her at 785-296-3232 . Troy got the number for me, because this is a cause close to his heart. Mine, too.

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