Congressional Democrats Don’t Believe in Teens with Character

The Democrats in Congress have concluded that abstinence programs don’t work, but condom programs do. They’ve read a poorly documented study or two that claim abstinence programs have been a failures, despite studies that show just the opposite, and are now planning to kill a $50 million abstinence education program.

Abstinence Programs in Dems’ Crosshairs

While ignoring the fact that abstinence programs build self esteem, teach teens to fight peer pressure and counter a culture that encourages early sex, the Democrats have totally given up on the possibility that young people can have character and practice self control. Most of them having little in the way of moral courage themselves they believe it is impossible for others to have any.

Republicans at least have allowed abstinence programs to exist, even though they are forced to be accompanied with disgusting condom distribution. Democrats don’t even want the option of abstinence training. Democrat John Dingell calls abstinence programs “a colossal failure,” citing only studies that support his position, while ignoring those studies that cite successes of abstinence programs.

So look for an increase in out of wedlock pregnancies, more abortions, burgeoning venereal diseases and a scum-bucket future population of libertines. Pray for America.

Yet More Falwell Fallout

Say a quick prayer also for the sad sacks who can’t leave Jerry Falwell alone even in death. Proof of what losers they are can be seen in their vicious, obscene attacks on this good man who had the guts to point out their perversions and disgusting life-styles and call them to repentance. They can’t stand the thought that he is most likely enjoying his Eternal Reward for fighting evil during his lifetime, while they’re still groveling in their disgusting perversions.

While their rant is rampant, here are just a few of their gems:

  • “It’s too bad Falwell’s death wasn’t more prolonged and painful.”
  • “The gates of hell swing open and Satan welcomes his beloved son.”
  • “Won’t the good preacher be shocked when he finds himself at the gates of hell this morning. Man, I would love to post that video on You Tube.”

Some gay activist in San Francisco held a public celebration of Falwell’s death. Even some homosexual leaders did not favor the celebration and said it might backfire. It did.

But decent folks are lauding the work of Rev. Jerry Falwell who brought the Christians together in a powerful block to vote for morality in government, known as The Moral Majority. It got Ronald Reagan elected.

As a human being Falwell was warm and funny and forgiving and once held an open forum at Liberty University where a number of homosexuals converted and began living like normal human beings. Truth and good will out.

Christian Law Schools Flourish

A story in Monday’s Chicago Tribune by Lisa Anderson announces that all over America there have sprung up Christian Law Schools, and they’re succeeding in turning out good Christian men and women lawyers who will one day bring decency and morality into the law of the land. The liberals, Democrats, libertines and homosexuals are scared white, as well they should be.

Think of Ave Maria School of Law, Liberty University School of Law, the University of St. Thomas Law School, Barry University School of Law, Regent University School of Law, and others. Their goal is “to confront the culture.”

Just before he died, Rev. Falwell said he would be pleased if Liberty trained up a John Roberts, Sam Alito, Clarence Thomas or Antonin Scalia. “We’d feel like we’d hit a home run.” No doubt you will, Jerry, no doubt you will.

Europeans Consider “Apes Rights”

But in Vienna, Austria, the good lawmakers there are seriously considering whether to declare monkey’s people. That way, apes could have their own bank accounts and would not have to turn money given to them in donations over to the zoo.

Spain is looking on with approval, and is looking to establish a law known as “The Great Ape Project” that would extend fundamental moral and legal protection to apes. Pray, dear pro-lifer, pray that there is still a little piece of their mind left to build on.

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