Your Invitation To Pray at the Abortuary

Thursday morning from 9:30 to 10:30 Walter Krawiec and I meet at the Albany Medical Center on Elston Ave. and Cicero in Chicago to pray for the babies being killed inside that abortuary as well as for the killers. The two of us pray while sidewalk counselors talk to the women coming for abortions. We do this because someone has to do it, and because we believe God wants us to do it.

Pray To End Abortion—Where It Happens

It is always a delight when someone joins us in prayer at the clinic, as happened last week when three women dropped by and prayed with us. It was a treat having five people praying. Some years ago we had as many as sixteen.This Thursday it was back to two.

In some cities I have visited as many as fifty pray in front of the abortion mill. It is a wonderful way to spend an hour, recognizing the child who is going to die, praying for the mother who does not love her child, and letting the abortion crowd know that someone cares for the woman and her child who mean nothing but financial profit to them.

Praying in front of an abortion mill is like no other experience you will ever have. You, dear friend, have an open invitation to join us any Thursday morning, from 9:30 to 10:30.

Tom McFadden had a little article in a recent Wanderer reporting that every day pro-life Americans across the country go to a local abortion clinic and peacefully protest the insanity called legal abortion. He thinks those who stand at these mills are heroes, sacrificing their time to help protect the innocent from being slaughtered in their mothers’ wombs at the hands of deranged killers.

Thanks Tom. But those of us who routinely go there don’t feel like heroes and don’t think of ourselves as heroes. We do feel good about being there, though, and we want to share this feeling with others

If you don’t already go regularly to an abortion mill to pray or counsel, you are most welcome to join Walter and me any Thursday from 9:30 to 10:30, in front of Albany at 5086 North Elston Avenue, just off Cicero. Bring a folding chair and we’ll bring you a book and a free Rosary. You’ll wish you had joined us sooner.

Ignorance Bliss?

Sigrid Fry-Revere of the Cato Institute is infuriated that some states are about to require abortion-bound women and girls to take a look at their babies before they abort them. They want to require them to see an ultrasound of their baby.

“Forcing a woman to have to watch a medically unnecessary ultrasound is an unsettling distortion of the informed consent process,” Sigrid complains. She says it is an attempt to scare women into changing their minds about having an abortion, and calls it a perversion.

Actually, it has more to do with allowing a woman to make an informed “choice.” It appears that for Sigrid, ignorance is bliss.

Jesse’s Flip-Flop

Jesse Jackson is still pretending to be a religious leader but becomes more phony every day. He once assured his flock that “biology taught me that life begins at conception and that understanding human life is an overriding moral issue.” He even called human life the highest good because it comes from God.

He said all life was sacred and that nobody had a right to take it away through abortion. He was able to shoot down rationalizations and excuses for abortion, and called abortion an attack on “the weak, the innocent and the unprotected.” He called abortion absolutely “immoral.”

And then politics reared its ugly head, and Jackson collapsed like a deck of cards. He embraced abortion for a few feminist votes, selling his birthright for a mess of pottage. Now he’s not even running for anything, but he’s just running in circles. He has lost his direction.

More Falwell Fallout

A lot of mean people can’t hide their joy over the death conservative televangelist Rev. Jerry Falwell. We already mentioned Neil Steinberg who chastised Falwell for suggestion at the time of 911 that such disasters might be punishment for sin, which they probably are.

And now Cathleen Falsani joyfully sings “ding, dong the witch is dead” because Falwell upset her gay and lesbian friends when he suggested that sin was in part the cause of 911 and that AIDS is in part punishment for sexual perversion, as if there were no solid grounds for such conclusions.

But she does admit toward the end of her diatribe that even Falwell might have done some good in his 74 years. (Probably a lot more than Falsani has ever done.)

Wonder if she knows how loud we’d sing if she canned her column and joined a contemplative order.

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